Tell me about the Stroke Me

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  1. I don't understand this bag. I had a full size one long ago but didn't keep it long. I'd like to try it again but I think all of my stuff will just pile up at the bottom.

    It's beautiful in the photos. Please tell me why you love your Stroke Me so that I can be persuaded to take a chance on one again. ;)
  2. I had the smaller version and had the same problem. Everything ended up in the point and I felt like I had to lay my things in just right to make the bag lay right. I also didn't like that you couldn't ever sit it down and have it sit up right. You have to lay it on its side. It IS a beautiful bag though. Just not the most practical IMO!
  3. I have a taupe midi, and it's true everything ends up in a bit of a weird heap in the bottom due to the point. BUT I'm sure someone said that if you use a bag liner it helps. I haven't tried this yet but will do come Spring/Summer and will whip out my VIP bag liner which I hope will organize everything and stop things from being on a slant.

    The Stroke Me/Midi does look so unique and lovely that I'm prepared to go with it but if I can make it more organisational and stop everything going a bit in a slanty heap, I will!
  4. I have to admit that I have a regular/small one in black crash that I have not used but it is such a cool bag I cannot let it go:P

    I will try it this weekend and give some feedback.
  5. I have 3 SM's (all large size) but I'm okay with "bottomless pit" style bags -- I tend to put my smaller items into bags inside so it's not all that hard to find things. I love the style - stays on my shouder pretty well, is large but not bulky as it lies really flat, can fit a ton of stuff - great for shopping or travel as I can add stuff as I go plus I think it's a very unique and classy style - I have a black crash, green crash and the old tan matte -- I use the crash ones more as that leather is so durable I can use when it rains or when I travel.
  6. I've had both a full size and SM midi and with both I used purse organizers. That solved the problem.
  7. I have the SMM and stuff does end up in a pile at the bottom. If you like the rounded shape but don't want to use a purse organiser, you could also try the Adore Me as another option - it doesn't have the same jumble at the bottom thing happen.
  8. I have the SMM in matte tan. I've gotten so many compliments on this bag, that I don't care about the stuff in the bottom!
  9. I had 3 / one fk purple matte lge and dk grey matte lge one fuschia STD.. I found the lge was better suited to my needs in terms of carrying stuff but you Re right, I felt like it was a lot of bag to have so little rattling round the bottom!