Tell me about the color Burgundy

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  1. Hey guys, I'm currently lusting after a pre-loved Burgundy MAM with the black and white floral lining for a very decent price. I don't need it but I want it so badly! In the pictures it's hard to tell exactly what kind of color it is. I know burgundy is supposed to be a very dark reddish color but in the pictures it honestly looks kind of purple (which I wouldn't mind). Just curious, do any of you have anything to say about the color burgundy? How does it age?

    I'm graduating next month and have landed a job already so I feel like I DESERVE a new bag. :graucho: I'm currently carrying my Royal MAM and have fallen back in love with it. I seriously need more MAMs in my life! So sad they are discontinued.
  2. You had me at black and white floral lining for a very decent price :graucho:

    I'm obsessed with the older MAMs. They have single-handedly taken away my cravings for more expensive high-end/luxury brands. To me, the design is perfect, with so many choices that having multiples of it is perfectly natural and desirable (every one of them seems like a different bag to me!) I seem to prefer the more structured ones but whatever it is, the leather is great.

    To sum up: old school RM made me a believer.

    I concur that you deserve a new bag that will make you happy and excited to use it for your new job! Congratulations!

    I would also love to see pics of your royal MAM. :smile:
  3. So what I'm getting from this is basically I shouldn't worry about the color so much as the fact that it's an old school MAM in pretty amazing condition at a decent price. lol I've always heard the older ones were made so much better. I've never gotten my hands on one personally, but that may just have to change soon... :graucho:

    Here's the Royal MAM :cool:
  4. I had bought a burgundy bag before, it looked better and prettier in pictures. To me,this color just a bit dull to my personal taste, but I'm sure that makes it easier to pair with outfits.
  5. Your bag looks beautiful and the color is gorgeous!
  6. The seller described it as being similar to espresso with a wine tint. I do tend to lean towards the darker colors for RM bags. But you're right, pictures can sometimes be deceiving. It honestly looks purple in the pictures.

    Thank you! :smile:
  7. Yes, burgundy can be pictured as a beautiful tone of purple, this color and a few other colors are difficult to picture accurately. You may want to find official stock picture (would be brighter than it is in person but would be accurate tone of the color) of the bag you are interested in to see how do you like it.

    You are very welcome :smile:
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464799130.467506.jpg

    Here's my Minkoff Love in Port. It's in the burgundy family. It has purple undertones to it. Pic was taken with flash.
  9. I've always loved the color Port. :loveeyes: Very beautiful bag.

    Still haven't caved and gotten the Burgundy MAM. I think my husband would be very upset with to wait. Hopefully I'll have her within the next few weeks (if she's still available!).

  10. I think there might be burgundy in the color reference thread. I was a collector of the older RM MAMs too. I think it's glazed leather? I'm not a fan of glazed so I have not really looked.
  11. Yes it is the glazed leather! I heard it does better with protecting the leather against scratches and such. Why didn't you like the glazed leather? I've never seen it in person before.
  12. #12 Jun 4, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2016

    I've not seen nor felt the older RM glazed leathers. Just a personal preference really. [emoji4]
  13. Ohh gotcha, no worries! :smile: What is your favorite RM leather?

  14. Lambskin!! Especially with the signature hardware. [emoji4]
  15. I've heard lambskin is amazing!

    I found this picture cathead87 posted in the RM color reference library. The Nikki on the very right is in Burgundy, and I love how dark it is. So pretty :loveeyes:
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