Tell Me About It...STUD

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  1. beautiful! It makes me happy when someone else is so happy.
    Congratulations!!! :ps:
  2. wow now that is hot!!
  3. That is hot and that much more special that it came from a special friend. I feel like I can reach through my computer screen and touch it because you photographed it beautifully. Congrats on your dream bag!
  4. that's so true SIL...I'll think about her everytime I use it. And she and I both saw this bag for the first time when we were together and fell in love, and so I'll remember that too. So the bag is not only beautiful, but it's filled with memories and friendship and love and magic! (I'm gushing, I'm just so happy)
  5. the evil forces of the firm's network connection was conspiring to keep me away from your awesome-est of reveals, but i battled them valiantly and have emerged victorious. obviously, since i'm here.

    and the fight was well worth it indeed. this bag is the hoooottnnneesssss! i'm blinded by its fiery, fierce beauty. i'm afraid you cannot wear it when next we meet for i will be forced to flee in awe/terror of its resplendent allurement.

  6. SOOOOO pretty and fierce!!! I love it and want the mod shots!!!!
  7. FABULOUS Sarah, that is one hawt bag congratulations........but again a very special picture is missing, where is the famous SarahP mod shot????? :P
  8. Whoooa, nice reveal! I'm not that well-versed on the stud bags, so I wasn't sure if this was a Stam or something, but very nice! It's so cute to hear who happy you are right now; sounds like a match made in heaven!
  9. Thanks girls! It was so hard keeping this a secret! The mod shots will have to wait--i've been to busy with work to shower and get dressed yet!
  10. sarah, sarah, sarah!!! YOU GOT IT! WOW! So COOL! GLad that SPACEY could help you!:yahoo::yahoo:
  11. Ah so this was your secret? This bag is HOT. I can see why it's your HG I think this bag has to be the HG of studs for sure!!! Congrats on scoring it and to spacey too. PF girls rock :biggrin:
  12. soooooooooo gorgeous!! stunning! and what a sweet story :heart:
    will be waiting for the famous modeling shots!
  13. OMG I take a nap and wake up to blinding sunlight outside and blinding hotness on TPF!! I just could not be happier for you, S! This has to be one the most insanely gorgeous, badass bags in history and your happiness and excitement are truly contagious:hugs: I'm thrilled that you and Space BOTH scored HGs! Can't wait for modeling pics!
  14. oh my gorgeous perfection
  15. OMG! i had no clue!! no clue at all what the mystery bag sSOOOO glad this beauty was kept in the MJ forum family!! it's SOOO stunning, and so gosh darn sexy cool! i cant wait to see your modeling pics girl! i am SOOO happy for you...spacey is just a sweatheart! YAY!!!!