Tell me about Century 21 and good finds?

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  1. I am going to New York at the end of the month and have heard about Century 21 and wanted to see what you all thought of it - or any deals you found:smile::yahoo:
  2. I've only been once and found some cute stuff. I got my Guillaume Hinfray ballet flats and a James Perse coat, both heavily discounted. I think I have pics wearing them in the wearing today thread. Posted yesterday or a couple days ago.
  3. I am an addict. I pass it every day to and from work and have gotten to the point where I rarely shop anywhere else. Some of my favorite finds from the past few years off the top of my head (to the best of my recollection and note that I am a low-end and not premium designer person due to budget constraints):

    Kate Spade clutch - $24
    Kate Spade Wynn - $40
    Kate Spade Small Tote - $60
    Marc by Marc Jacobs large tote - $60
    D&G embellished skinny jeans - $40
    D&G black pants (comfiest I own) - $60
    Marc by Marc Jacobs flowered skirt - $35
    Marc by Marc Jacobs carpenter pants - $14
    Saltworks Mulberry jeans - $14
    7FAM jeans - $50
    Miss Sixty Jeans - $14
    Heatherette Skinny Jeans - $35
    Betsey Johnson leather Hobo - $50
    Pucci rain boots - $60
    Kooba velvet leather trimmed clutch - $45
    Versace Jeans - $50
    Betsey Johnson pumps - $40
    Via Spiga slides - $20
    Dolce & Gabanna eyelet ruffle skirt - $23
    Juicy Couture floor length strapless terry romper - $35

    That's just quickly off the top of my head (break almost over, need to get back to work) but if you are looking for anything specific, let me know and I will let you know what I've seen there in the past.

    Also, I meant to mention that if you can get there right when they open on a weekday (7:45 a.m.) that's the best time to go as far as crowds, organization, and selection.
  4. That is the best store ever. Definitely give it a try when you go to NYC.
  5. Thank you all so much - I am definitely going there:smile:
  6. be ready to really scour the racks. I hate discount shopping, so I always feel annoyed at C21. Good deals to be had, but it generally takes time to find them
  7. I got Marc by Marc Jacobs denim skirt and a tote bag. My sister got a pair of Versace jeans. Several months ago I read an article somewhere online saying that Century 21 sometimes has fake Juicy Couture sweats no one knows about.
  8. I bought some badass chloe shoes. It always gets soooooo crowded early on so i'd really try for 7:45... they have a really good D & G selection
  9. WOW Jillian you found some amazing finds. WHenever I go I see a lot of stuff but they are never discounted as much as you say. I do go to the one jersey, its new. I find the Saks OFF FIFTH better but your buys are unbelievable. WHATS YOUR SECRET???
  10. I have to walk by the downtown NYC one every day so I stalk it. Literally, I am a C-21 stalker. I never buy anything until there are only a couple left (in clothes I wait until there are only a couple in my size). I try not to ever go looking for something in particular or with something in mind because that means I won't find it. Also, there is no rhyme or reason to pricing. They can get multiple shipments of the same item and price them differently. I have no idea why/how this happens but I always try to check price on a couple of tags and if I see something has been re-stocked, I look to see if the new shipment is lower in price. Their clearance sales are also beyond amazing. I have multiple Petro Zillia Tees that I snagged for $5 each. Being familiar with the inventory before the clearance sales start helps a lot because you can spot the stuff you have been keeping your eye on after stuff has been re-arranged quicker than if you're looking at them for the first time.

    Also, some of my jeans were marked "irregular" or "damaged" on the inside. I never buy anything with visible damage but if I can't find it, I don't care. I just make sure that the zipper works and the seams are solid.

    My family is old New England folk. Thrift is in our genes.

    (I also snagged the Marc by Marc Jacobs denim skirt someone else was talking about - I think I paid in the $25-30 range.)
  11. Its a fabulous store!!! though, I would try to go as early as possible, because it gets sooo packer and very crowded! But I love it, when you come to NY you definantely have to pass by!
  13. Awwww... Now you are making me blush.

    So can I tell my boyfriend that its not addiction, its inspiration? :shame: