Teeny weeny leather Stam keychains - do these exist, or am I nuts?

  1. I seem to recall little teensy weensy leather Stam keychains...last year? Like they looked just like little leather bags, but they were tiny and meant to be used as keychains?

    Am I just nuts, or did these exist? If so, have you guys seen them around, and are they still in production?

    I may just be losing my mind, which is entirely possible.

    TIA for any info!
  2. They do exist and they had the Venetia too. They came in both gun and gold. A few members posted about finding them on sale for $30+ recently. I believe they retail for $125 or so. Since search button has been disabled, I'm not able to locate the posts but just to reassure you, they do exist! :biggrin: There have been a few popping up on eBay btw. ;)
  3. weN - Are they the metal keychains, or are they leather? I'm talking about the little leather bag ones...they look like teensy bags, like real ones, not metal...OMG I am losing my mind. :weird:
  4. Oh.. :shame: I'm not sure if they came in leather though. Hmm :wondering
  5. I've never seen leather ones, but I own a gold venetia and a gunmetal stam. They were originally $125, marked down to $54.20 at Nordstroms after Xmas - Bloomingdales had them on their website for $37.50 so my SA at Nordstroms did a price match - This is what mine look like - the details are phenominal (you can see almost every stitch, piece of hardware, etc) - maybe that's why you thought there were leather ones??

  6. I got the gold venetia yesterday at Nordstrom. I love it bug it makes my keys weigh a million pounds...lol
  7. MPJ, you might be on to something tho. It'd be so cute to have a mini stam in quilted leather made the size of a coin purse!
  8. i actually saw something just like this at 7-11 while visiting florida. it was a mini fake MJ coin purse...identical to a quilted venetia. :throwup: the real deal would be great. can you imagine the little chain they'd have to use for the stam? SO cute. hah
  9. So cute
  10. :party: Cutesy!!!
  11. iluvmybags - Thank you for the photo!! That must have been it. Wow, I thought they were leather! :weird:

    OMG, but how AWESOME would teensy weensy little leather bags be as keychain coinpurses?! Like if you could get a tiny little version of your bag to carry on your bag! :p

    Thanks, guys. Apparently I am losing my mind, just not as much as I previous thought.
  12. Too adorable.
  13. ^ no, i don't think you're going crazy. i seem to recall a member posting a picture of a leather venetia keychain here that she found on ebay. too bad the search function is down, but i remember it being black and white. i'm not sure if it was authentic since i've never seen it in any of the boutiques, but it had a mj collection tag on it and everything. too bad the search function is down right now.
  14. There's actually a small chain on the gold/gunmetal versions - if you look closely, you can see it hanging down around the bottom of the "bag" (just like the real one does!) - it really moves too!! I was surprised at how close all the details of these were, they're almost exact replicas of the full-size bags. That's actually why I was willing to pay $50+ for each one (but the $15 PA on each was so much better!!)

    BTW - there's now a keychain version of the "Lou" available on the Harvey Nichols website:

  15. I haven't put my keys on it yet - right now, I have the gold venetia hanging from the end of my new Mina bag. The gold hardware is a perfect match and it looks so cute!!