Ted Benson?

  1. Has anyone heard of this designer or have any bags from him??

    i was borrowing in Century 21 yesterday (did not plan on buying a bag, of course!) -- but i fell in LOVE with this bag -- I will post pictures tonight -- i am SO happy i brought it

    But i never heard of him before and i did a google search but didnt find anything - no website, nothing!! This bag was made in Italy --- but i did see a couple of bags on eBay from him.

    I got a great deal on it. $150 - org. price of $400

    Any info would be great. thanks
  2. sorry "browsing"
  3. I was shopping the other day and came across a beautiful purple handbag. Regular price $300.00, got it for $60.00, it's a Ted Benson. I need to know more about this desgin. I'm searching for more info
  4. I have seen a bunch of them in TJMaxx but have never owned one. The one thing I didn't like about the ones I saw was the name perforated into the leather -- that's just not me.
  5. I purchased a Ted Benson bag this weekend at a TJ Maxx. It's a hot pink leather hobo with silver chain trim. I LOVE IT! I, too, have never heard of him and searching on the internet hasn't provided much. I would like to have more information, too. Whoever he is, he makes beautiful bags and I'd like to have another one just like it in black (for my less crazy days).

  6. Never heard of it, but I would love to see a picture. I love learning about designers.
  7. Hi,I have this purse & the Marshall's where I live had a black one-But it was $20 more than the pink(Fuchsia) one. $129.00-149.00.I live near St Louis Mo.