Teacher molestation case in CA

  1. I just saw a news report about the teacher molestation case in CA and I feel sick. CNN had only a brief writeup about it, more forthcoming I'm sure: CNN.com - Police: Teacher says he molested more than 100 students - Aug 5, 2006

    I have a question for teachers and/or parents, though. The news report said the molestation charges were for "inappropriate touching," which they detailed as "patting on the head or back" among other things. Of course, of COURSE, you should not allow any inappropriate touching in the classroom. But is patting a kid on the head now akin to molesting a kid? Was the news report just trying not to be graphic? My kindergarten teacher used to give me hugs (she was an elderly woman, sweetest person in the world), I wonder if that's allowed anymore. I mean, the molester in this case is obviously sick, I'm not questioning that, I'm just wondering what the boundaries are in classrooms now...
  2. Wow. It's such a shame that it's come to this. I'm just as surprised as you that a pat on the head now equates to inappropriate touching! My 13 year old daughter has been home-schooled since Kindergarten so I'm not at all familiar with "the rules" regarding these issues in school.

    I loved my Elementary School teachers! Male and famale. LOVED them! I remember getting loads of hugs from them and never, ever felt uncomfortable about it. But this was a long time ago. Times were different. I went to one of the best schools on the east coast for that particular time and learning there was such a positive experience. Those teachers and the principal (Mr. Conroy - he used to bring his two Schnauzers in every Friday so the kids could play with them!) made it all possible.

    I feel sorry for kids today. In some cases, the only positive adult attention they get is at school and if teachers now can't give you a "Way to go!" or "Good job!" with a simple pat on the head - that's so sad.

    If this guy has molested over 100 students, he belongs in prison for the rest of his life. Disgusting.
  3. I'm not a teacher, but I have teacher friends in CA. I know that they told me that they no longer hug kids. And will at most give them a "high five" since they don't want something construed the wrong way. This is mainly at the schools recommendation. If they do give a child a hug, it's always a "side hug" and only if the kid initiates the hug or if it's an "occassion," i.e. last day of school, kid's birthday, kid's crying...
  4. It's kinda sad what's considered sexual harrassment/molestation now. My college professor dodged a hug from my friend because he was reported by a student for sexual harrassment when another student hugged him(even though the other student stood up for him plus the student who reported him was failing his class, but the school didn't care). So, now they can only safely give handshakes, high fives. No real contact.

    I'm saddened to hear that patting on the head or back is now considered inappropriate.
  5. It's quite sad nowadays. When I went through teacher training, they told us to aviod kid contact that could be taken the wrong way. A friend of mine was volunteering at a school and she hugged the kids (2nd grade) when they went home for the day and some parents complained! :wtf: I teach middle school and when I was student teaching, this one kid liked to hug. My thing is that I don't hug back, I just give them a pat on the back.

    It's sad you have to think of these things now as a teacher. :sad:
  6. Parents complained about the hugs? Geez! This is crazy. It's gotten ridiculous. It's sad because some kids love to hug(I used to hug my teachers when I was little) and I would have been kinda bummed if my teachers didn't hug me back.:sad:
  7. I remember I was an assistant preschool teacher for a while when I was 18 and I always hugged the kids. Thankfully no one accused me of child molestation! That's horrible. and I agree with pupsterpurse, I would be sad if I was a kid and my teachers didn't hug me back too.
  8. oh no, this case is not based on "patting on the head". He was arrested for having kids sitting on his lap and actual molestation. He might have molested over 100 children and in his own words he said he did it for his personal gratification. He has also worked with special education children and 3 other school districts in the area.
    A very sick sick person.
    AVON Representative MONICA MACATUBAL serving the Loma Linda, CA area
  9. A male teacher of mine made local news when the school found out that he had a sexual relationship with a senior student! he got fired. poor dude.
  10. I am a kindergarten teacher. The simple act of pushing a student on the playground swings is forbidden.
  11. ^^^ What do you mean "poor dude"? Teachers should not have sexual relationships with students!!!
    About the hugging, that's just ridiculous!
  12. No way! Patting on the head or back is inappropriate?! I never thought it'd come to this!
  13. I definitely do not think patting on the head is inappropriate. Patting on the back is different. In most cases, I'd say it's fine. However, there was one dirty teacher back in my middle school who used to pat girls backs and everyone knew to avoid it because he supposedly liked to feel for a bra. :sad: :yucky:
  14. My middle school gym teacher used to snap the girls bra straps. :yucky: He was at the school for so long that my mother even had him as her gym teacher and told me he was acting inappropriately even back then. It was taken as "oh yea Mr. X he's a perv". I am glad things are taken more seriously now.

    But hugs not being allowed? That is just odd. But I guess you dont want someone thinking inappropriate thoughts when they are hugging your child. It comes down to not being able to trust anyone nowadays.