TB Revas too trendy?

  1. Are the TB Revas too trendy? I have fallen in love w/the silver Revas, but don't want to pay $200 for something that is too trendy. What does everyone think?
  2. I saw someone wearing these on my last trip to NY and TBH I thought they looked a bit weird. That big metal thing on the front really doesn't look great. I think there are some far nicer ballet pumps you could go for by London/French Sole :smile:
  3. Perhaps the silver one is a tad bit "trendy", but, I personally think they're one of the cutest flats out there IMO.
  4. I have a pair of black and red and I love them. I was thinking of getting the gold pair.
  5. The TB Revas are trendy imo in any color- it is because of the large round hardware on the toe.

    I suggest getting a more classic plain pair if you are concerned about them being out of fashion next season- maybe some Louboutin or Chanel flats??? Sigerson Morrison also makes really cute flats. Her Belle by Sigerson Morrison line would be in your price range- $200s...
  6. I think they're adorable, but I agree that they're trendy and may not be so hot next year. Lots of other cute flats out there right now, too
  7. I think they're pretty trendy. I have a pair and they are not comfortable. My gap flats which were only $40 are much more comfortable..
  8. they're definitely trendy by now, but still pretty good for the price.

    definitely something you'll use regularly.

    i find them MUCH more comfy than my gap flats, btw.
  9. Tory burch reva flats may be trendy but its not bad for $195. I own a black leather with gold and I just love it. I think the price is reasonable, especially if you are going to wear it often.
  10. I don't know if it is necessarily too trendy, but the round hardware at least for me is too big and makes it stand out too much.
  11. They're definitely trendy, but I love mine! I also have French Sole/London Sole, Lanvin, and the classic brands too... it's nice to spice things up a bit. I think the Revas look more 'fun' than my others.
  12. I was shopping in Manhattan today, and I saw quite a few people with them.
  13. I really like them too. But they are a bit trendy IMHO.
  14. I have a silver pair and I love them - much more comfy than anything I tried on at the Gap - better leather too. I think they're a fun one season sort of shoe - I don't really care if I wear them after this summer/fall. I've also only seen like 2 other pairs but NYC is a different place, much more trendy.
  15. I love them...but I can't stand how other brands have totally copied them :sad: