Taylor Momsen's Bag?!

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  1. Hey does anyone know who makes this bag? Not a very good picture, but it has some sort of logo thing hanging and pyramid studs with gold hardware.

  2. #2 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    doesn't marc jacobs make one w/studs like that? but i've never seen a mj w/fringe.
  3. This outfits cute, I can't believe how young she is.
  4. Actually, is that Hayden Harnett??
  5. That bag is cute!
  6. #6 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2009
  7. omg thanks so much guys :smile:
    i will now be on the hunt.....lol
  8. You NEED to take your hunt to the steals and deals section! someone just posted a 50% off code (PRESIDENT) so you can get that beautiful bag for $237! I just bought it in black!
  9. its totally hayden harnett. wow that is so cool that she has that bag!
  10. PrincessCayenne: Thanks so much for the info. Just bought the bag too. Can't believe what a deal that is. Woohoo for PRESIDENT!!
  11. I couldn't decide whether to buy this bag even at the current sale price $118 bc I wasn't sure how it looks on, but after seeing it on Taylor, I went ahead and bought it:yahoo:.
  12. This price is incredible!
  13. Hey BabyK! I'm glad you were able to purchase the hobo. It's a cute bag. =D
  14. oh wow, i haven't checked this thread til now! What a great price!!
    I'll have to think about it though cause I'm not really into fringe lol.