taxes at BalNY and Barneys

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  1. I thought tax in NY was around 8%. Yet this week at Chanel and at the shoe department of Barneys they charged me 4%. When I asked at their bbag counter they told me 8% though... So which is it?
    And how much tax does BalNY charge?
    I'd like to get a bbag before I go back to Europe, but I'm not sure where from. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. As far as I know items under $110 are taxed at 4% anything over is the tax of that county. Mine is 8.35%
  3. NYC recently did away with tax on clothes and shoes of any price, so you'll only pay 4% (state tax) on these items. (In the past, it was only for items less than $100.) Unfortunately, this does not extend to handbags, so you'll pay the full 8.25%.
  4. Thank you! I guess that makes sense. I really hope they change the tax on handbags soon!:angel:
  5. I think the logic is that they're trying to reduce the tax on essential items, since sales tax is generally seen as a regressive tax that hits the poor harder than the rich (i.e., as a percentage of income, those with a lower income end up paying a higher amount of income in overall sales tax). So, it's the same reason that most or all states don't charge tax on food, but do on other things at the grocery store, like alcohol. Most of the other states I've been in that don't tax clothing still did tax other things like handbags or jewelry. Sadly, accessories don't make the essential cut apparently, and will likely continue to be taxed.
  6. So as a tourist do I still have to pay the state tax if I buy the bag from say San Francisco? Or can I claim the state tax?
  7. Unfortunately I think you pay... Unless there's some sort of tax free in the US that I don't know about?
  8. If you're getting the item shipped out of state or country, you don't pay sales tax. I know this is true for international (I guess you're expected to pay whatever customs tax there is?).
    Within the US, you can only avoid paying tax IF you're shopping out of state AND there isn't a store of this company in your state (in other words, if you're in CA and you buy from a Barneys in NYC, you still have to pay tax b/c there is a Barneys in your state; not sure which state's tax you'd be paying, though).
  9. ^^ you pay YOUR states tax, not the place where you bought it from. :smile: