Tax on purchases on Balenciaga website

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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone has post this topic before, but I'm curious about whether or not Balenciaga online store will apply tax on our purchases. Will it applicable for every states or just the ones with balenciaga store available? you know usually an online store charge taxes only when the state also has that store.

  2. Yes, unfortunately they do charge tax:cursing:
  3. You pay tax even if there is no boutique in your state?
  4. I believe you do NOT pay sales tax if Balenciaga has no presence (retail store, corporate office, warehouse, etc) in your state.

  5. I thought so too, but I did read on their website about them charging tax, but I'm not sure if that applies to every state or just the ones that has their boutique. Pls confirm. Thanks.
  6. yes it does apply...unless u live in NH like me... whichhas 0% sales tax
  7. If there is no presence of a Balenciaga boutique in your state they cannot charge tax. I buy from Barneys because there is no Barneys presence in my state. They can't just charge tax because they feel like it; there are tax laws in place that stores must follow.
  8. I ordered from Balenciaga webiste and they didn't charge sales tax. I live in Texas.
  9. what about washington state?
  10. I am in MA and have bought from them a bunch of times and so far no tax when purchasing from BUT at least here in MA you are technically supposed to pay the taxes for whatever you purchased out of state when you file your tax return.