taupe or mousse paddy

  1. which do i get? i need your suggestions asap. The colors that are available are actually taupe, mousse and whiskey. The SA suggested mousse but what do you think? I like the color taupe cuz it's neutral but i don't like the gold hardware that i heard chips off. Is mousse really greyish green? Will it match a lot of colors in my closet. Well, most of my clothes are in navy or brown. HELP!! Thanks in advance.
  2. I have a mousse paddy and yes, its more like a green to me. even my hubby don't like it. Its kinda hard for me to match with my wardrobe so i only carry her once in a while. i think you should go for the taupe or whisky if your wardrobe is more neutral. i understand about the golden hardware, there's a lot of ways you can protect it. goodluck with your decision. Whichever you choose, you will like it!
  3. I have both and taupe is definitely easier to match. It's very neutral and goes well with so many colours, it's one of my paddingtons I carry the most :yes: I wear grey a lot so I was surprised when mousse wasn't the perfect match with these outfits, it clearly has green tinge in it
  4. ITA with Sonja. I had both the mousse and the taupe. The thing was, mousse went with a lot of my clothes, but after I got other color paddys, I found they went *better* - LOL! So poor mousse stopped getting chosen for outtings and ultimately I found her a better home :flowers:
  5. I love the taupe, its a gorgeous colour in the paddy, the leather really suits the taupe, so that would be my vote :smile:
  6. Both are gorgeous colors!! :love: I agree with sonja, though mousse is lovely, taupe would match with more outfits. So personally I would go with taupe! :flowers:
  7. I think the taupe is more versatile, but I love the mousse.

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  8. I had both a taupe and a mousse paddy and I sold the taupe and kept the mousse. I agree that taupe goes with a lot of colors, but I found it a bit too bland. It sort of "disappeared". I still have way too many paddys (4!!!), but I think that I am going to keep the mousse. The color is very unique and the silver hardware is gorgeous!!! Just my opinion, hope it helps!!
  9. I don't own a Taupe paddy (yet) but that would definitely be my vote. I was looking for the Taupe when I found my Whiskey Paddy at Helen Yi on sale, so I went ahead and bought it because it was a great price. Whiskey is a beautiful color but it did NOT quench my craving for a Taupe so I'm STILL not satisfied! :hysteric:

    Did the SA where you found the Taupe you're considering say they had more than one?
  10. It's the last one but they still have it. Go get it. It's at Traffic in South Coast Plaza. You can order by phone and they'll ship it to you
  11. Between the two, they're BOTH excellent and equally versatile colors. Just depends on what you're into & your wardrobe! I find both equally attractive, but the hardware color difference is the deal breaker for me.:nuts: If you like silver hardware the mousse is your answer. If you're ok with either, then go with your 1st feeling. How did you feel when you saw mousse and taupe? If I was in your shoes the hardware would be the deal breaker. I would choose silver over gold, but that's just me. But the paddys I have are ALL gold!:shame: Simply because it never came down to a color choice based on hardware. Whatever you choose, they're both beautiful paddys and you can't lose!:love:
  12. taupe :flowers:
  13. I have the taupe paddy and love it because it takes on the color of whatever you are wearing. I almost purchased the mousse first because of the silver hardware. I am glad I found the taupe, it is very versatile.
  14. LOL:roflmfao:

    I like the taupe, but if i wanted a pale colour, i'd rather go for creme.
    So i'd go with mousse:yes:
  15. I have both and I vote for taupe. I would wear my mousse w/ more vibrant colors and the taupe w/ my neutral ones... I do honestly think for dark colors, whiskey is perfect because it would pop against dark colored ensembles...