Tattersall Makeup Bag?

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  1. ohmygosh:nuts: I just came across this in one of your girls pictures, and just wondered is this still avaliable anywhere? I think I'm in love. :drool:
    did check eBay and didn't notice it, see I don't even care if its used! LOL
  2. i saw it at macy's or Nordstrom last week. also try calling coach, the style # is 40950.
  3. i'm pretty sure i saw one at macy's a little bit ago. :yes:
  4. They still have some at the stores but very few and far between. I also want one because I am in love with the tattersall print.
  5. Wait- are we talking about the pouch? or did they actually make a makeup bag?? i havent seen that

  6. it looked like an actual makeup bag, and thats what the person captioned it as...
  7. this is what i was referring to with the style #.
  8. thats what I'm looking for;) May have to swing by Macy's tomorrow.
    Do you know, was it still regular priced or for some reason on sale?hah
  9. I see it now- I just looked it up on the drilldown and its so cute! i dont know how ive missed that!
  10. I saw it at stores before and passed it up... even though I LOVE tattersall...

    but now I think I want it again :shame:
  11. it was in the case and didn't look to be on sale. i think the regular price is $98.
  12. Yes the price is $98. I think my store has one left so there should be some at some other stores. You can call JAX and they can locate one for you or just call your store. Let me know if you can't fine one because I know my store had one when I was there on Friday.

    I have this and I love it! It is so cute!!