Taste the rainbow.

  1. It feels like Skittles up in here. :kiss:

    Blurry Skittles, but Skittles nonetheless.

    My updated collection:

    Rouge Vif
    Jaune Day
    Origan Box
    Vert Deau Day
    Cornflower Box
    Ink First
    Sienna First

    Missing from family photo b/c my lucky mama kidnapped them:

    05' Black Day
    Blueberry First
    Anthracite Twiggy
    coll1.JPG coll2.JPG coll3.JPG coll4.JPG
  2. More candy!

    coll5.JPG coll6.JPG coll7.JPG
  3. They are so pretty lined up together. I really shows all the colors well..thanks for sharing!! so nice.
  4. yummy:smile:
  5. What a wonderful array of heart-stopping, joyful colours, reresaurus! I love all your bags.
  6. Tasty and juicy!!!
  7. GORGEOUS! I love your colour choices!
  8. Very catchy!!! Skittles indeed!!! I love tasting the bbag rainbow-they are all lovely- lucky girl!!!!!
  9. :nuts:LOVE it! that Jaune day is driving me crazy
  10. what a beautiful array of colors!!!!!:drool::drool:
  11. Fabulous!:heart:
  12. Beautiful collection :love:
  13. Oooh they look yummy!:drool: Wonderful collection.
  14. i love your skittles!! hehe

    they are all so bright and vibrant yet still so wearable--really great collection :heart:
  15. they all look super amazing together! wear them proudly ;)

    cornflower will always be my favourite color.. sigh..