Tarnishing gold metal pieces on LV

  1. The gold pieces on my cles are changing colours to more of a silvery...is this normal I have only had it since the fall and use it daily...the LV zip piece looks like it is peeling or tarnishing in places...I am a tad disappointed because they are expensive...any thoughts on this???
  2. Hi LVpug,
    Most of the brass pieces on my LVs appeared to have tarnished, but I simply used some brass cleaning cream on them (making sure that I don't get any on the canvas or lining) and they buffed up shiny and new. Give it a go and you should have similarly good results!
  3. The silvery colour is normal. Both my CB pochette cles and pochette extender has this, especially where the two different pieces of hardware touch.
  4. I think it is normal wear and tear, I have this problem on all my well used pieces too.
  5. thanks everyone...so eventually it will all appear to be like a silver colour one day?? you cannot get the gold/brass look back even with the cream?