Tarnished MJ hardware??

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  1. ok all you MJ fanatics - I need some help. As some of you know, I am FINALLY cleaning out my closets and I was looking at my old MJ bag and was really saddened to see that all the hardware has a really brassy kind of tarnish going on. I only have this one MJ so I don't know much about it, and it is totally worn from a couple of years ago so taking it back is way out of the question.

    Will it polish off if I take it to the cleaners or is there something that you use to get it to be shiny again? THANKS! :rolleyes:
  2. have you tried just shining it with a cloth?
    i haven't had that problem yet, but some people use "brasso" on the hardware of their LV bags... it might be worth a try.
    good luck!
  3. I've noticed the tarnish on my MJ Venetia...I just used my David Yurmna cloth to clean it.
  4. If it requires cleanser, Brasso works beautifully!
  5. My multipocket did this under the buckles...just used a silver polishing cloth and it came right up. It looked pretty nasty and I panicked when I first saw it but it shine up beautifully!
    Good luck
  6. Reviving this thread...have any of you found dark grey spots on the brass hardware? Will "Brasso" work and how do you apply it exactly? Where can I get it? I tried a silver polishing cloth but it did nothing.
  7. Is this silver hardware?

    A little toothpaste will shine that tarnish off. ;) Simple remedy and it's around the house.
  8. great suggestion for silver but i'm talking about brass. i don't know it it'll work the same?

  9. Use brasso, then. :smile:
  10. I remember reading somebody used their dustbag to rub off tarnish and it worked beautifully...
  11. I've tried that, and it works, but you have to really rub it down.
  12. Anyone have problems w/ the buckles on your MJ bag 'sticking' - not releasing easily?? I'm having major quality issues w/ my MJ bag that i bought a couple of years ago from eLux =(.