Tano Crunch leather owners - please help!

  1. I just got my Tano Bottle Blonde in cobalt. I waffling on whether or not to send it back and I need gals with experience with this leather to give me their opinions. The leather does, indeed, as stated in another thread look unfinished. I guess honestly I'm not sure that it doesn't look cheap. What does this leather look like after you've used the bag for a while? Does it get broken in and look better, or does it just look more worn and worse off for the wear? I really like the style of the bag and the color of the leather; I just need to know if it's worth hanging in there with this bag or if I should send it back.:confused1:
  2. I must say that I love Tano, but I do not like that crunch leather. My bags have not had the "unfinished" look, and I think the quality for the price is very good. I bought a crunch bag and instantly did not like it. I don't know if it eventually "wears in" or what..but if your first instinct is disappointment, send it back and find something else.....you will probably regret keeping it if you already have misgivings..
  3. I have a Cynthia Rowley bag that I got over a year ago that has that crunched leather, and it has held up very, very well. I like it.
  4. I really, really dislike the crunch leather.

    I have one crunch leather bag that is beautifully made with exquisite craftsmanship, but I just hate how cheap the leather looks.

    Which reminds me, I need to treat it again, I was working on softening it up with some leather guard to see if I can make it usable. I really love the bag, just hate the finsh.
  5. I think if your first reaction is bad you might wish to send it back. Give it a few days before you decide.

    I had ordered a Tano Steve Kicks in the new, washed leather. Maybe you might like another style better in another leather.