tano, anyone?

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  1. does anyone know something about tano bags? i've been seeing them around lately and not sure what kind of designer or quality...any feedback?:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. If you do a search, you might even be overwhelmed as to the opinions of Tano.........great, great bags. :p I want so many bags, and Tanos are on my list.
  3. I recently purchased a Tano (from Must Have Bag, the online Tano store, so I know it's authentic) and I have to say I was disappointed. The model is 'Sex Bomb' and the color is a gorgeous orangey-red. But the construction of the thing is shoddy--edges in places you don't see right away (top of pockets which are under a flap until you open the flap) are raw, not finished in any way. This is a leather bag, but the shiny finish looks somehow fake, not quality (my 13 year old, who knows my obsession, asked why I was carrying a vinyl bag!!!). And even though I've had it less than two weeks, the edges along the straps are now starting to fray. This bag didn't break the bank or anything, but for $200 I expect something that's not gonna look a mess by June. I am afraid this one will.
  4. Love love love Tano. Great quality, gorgeous leather. Have to agree with the "crunch leather" opinion. I don't like that particular leather, it feels stiff and is too shiny. I go for the cracked or tag leathers..
  5. There's been a flurry of discussion here on the BB about them. Those ladies who own one seem pretty happy about their bags.

    A few of us ordered our first Tanos. Should be here in about a month. I can't wait! They look like really nice bags at reasonable prices.

    I'm getting the Love Boat.
  6. I am really liking the love boat too, specially in that celeste color :heart:

    but I just bought 2 other purses so I am putting myself on a purse ban...HOWEVER, I think I am going to get a Tano for my mommy for mother's day.

    Let us know how you like yours.
  7. :shrugs: I dunno... I have been wondering the same thing.

    They have some fantastic styles & colors coming out for the summer... I really like Loveboat and Minilisa in a bright color, especially Carribean Blue. I have to admit though, after visiting a local boutique that carries Tano bags (they only had Boogie Buckets in dark colors in stock...), I was slightly dissappointed???

    They looked really plastic-y, and I don't know if I am spoiled after having bbags, if it was the colors these were in (olive & a marron-ish) or what, but it looked like something I would rather pay closer to say... $80, then $200??? I am still thinking about ordering one of those bags, but I am slightly apprehensive after seeing the Boogie Buckets, but I am afraid I won't use it. I'm waitting to see reviews of the Loveboat when ppl on here start getting them...
  8. That "plastic" look is the crunch leather..the Boogie bucket is available in other leathers with different names; ie. the cookie bucket, braidy bucket, flip side etc. Be sure to check descriptions. I do not like that crunch leather either. Look on www.thatsourbag.com or www.musthavebag.com for clear descriptions and names.
    www.adoniabags.com also is getting in a good selection. Those darker colors you mention must be fall winter...not new spring.
    Give Tano a chance..I bet with the right leather you will love the brand..I do!
  9. Thanks DiamondGirl1!!! When I go into the boutique to see what they can order, I am going to request one that it doesn't have that type of leather! I think they were definately Fall bags, because I was there like, over a month ago.

    Thanks for the tip! Now at least I know what I need to ask for!
  10. wow, never heard of them...I am off to check it out :smile:
  11. I ordered a Sexy Terri from Luna Boston, and I got the email that it is on its way. Will give a report when I get it.
  12. I have a Steve Kicks in blue lagoon on order. I just checked the website and it says ETA is April 9.

    Mine is in the new washed leather.
  13. I've been wanting to get the Tano Minilisa ever since I saw the bag featured on 'Prison Break'. But I don't like the plastic-y/shiny look to the crunch leather. Is it really that shiny? Because the pictures on different websites and how the bag actually looks on the show are quite different.

    Here's the Minilisa in Brusciato Brown in musthavebags. Too shiny for my taste: Minilisa in musthavebags

    Here's another Tano in Brusciate Brown, not as shiny, this is actually the finish I like: Boogie Bucket in adoniabags

    Here's how the bag actually looked on the show:
    Minilisa on Prison Break1
    Minilisa on Prison Break2
    (the bag is featured quite prominently on the show as it is the only bag carried by the lone female character)
  14. OMG I thought I was the only one! I too have the Sex Bomb but in Olive and have had the exact same experience! It made me really sad because I loved the design and the color. Was put off by the fake look of crunch leather also though. I thought I read somewhere here that Tano was going to all crunch leather? I doubt I will get another one, even though I really wanted this: