1. So I have recently started going to the tanning bed. I have been three times so far. Today was my third time. The past two times I only laid for 6 minutes in a 20-minute bed and I tanned slightly with no burning or pinkish at all. Well today I laid for 9 minutes in a 20-minute bed and when I first got out everything was fine. But now it's about 4-6 hours later and I am pinkish and kinda sensitive all over my stomach, back, chest area, and face. I don't think I got burnt.. because my skin doesn't hurt when I touch it or anything and it's not red.. just pink. But I was just wondering if this happened to anybody here when you first started tanning.
  2. I haven't laid in a tanning bed for years but it does sound like you got burnt to me, maybe only a little bit though.
  3. Yes, you sustained a burn. Take an aspirin every 4-6 hours for the first 48 hours it will help the inflamation.

    I am a melanoma survivor, but I will spare you the lecture..:noggin:
  4. I have not seen many threads on tanning beds but I go to them and I know they are bad for you. I always use the mega beds. The rays are different and they do not burn as bad as the 20 minute deals.

    If you are using a 20 minute deal, build your way up to the full amount, otherwise you will end up with an uncomfortable burn and it's just all bad.
  5. Get a spray tan if you must be tan. Every time you get into a tanning bed you are harming your skin and setting yourself up for skin cancer. If you are turning pink, you have done damage! Please spend your money on spray tans at salons or buy the stuff in the drugstore. It's much better for you!
  6. Yikes tanning beds are bad for you skin use a spray tan or their these really good tanning wipes. I believe the're comodone wipes.
  7. Just pink you say? Don't hurt to touch? Does it hurt when a T-Shirt rubs up against it? If so, yeah, your got a little burnt. But it doesn't sound like it to me. I started going a month ago because I wanted a nice tan for when I was in this play, playing an Egyptian. So I went every day, 20 minutes a day, for 2 solid weeks. I was DARK by the time Opening night arrived. Now I go once or twice a week (our neighbor has a tanning bed and me and my parents and them are really close so I go to the TB when they're at work.) and I've got a really nice golden tan. I look like I'm in the sun a lot. My only complaint is that I don't have a deep tan on my shoulders....so to fix that I use Jergins Natural Glow at night, cause I can't stand the smell during the day.

    Good luck. Try Vinegar and a little bit of water. It'll take the sting out. Soak a towel of some size (any size will do) in Vinegar and water (apple cider vinegar is best) and lay it on your burning spots. The Sting and red will be gone in NO time!
  8. Pink means a burn, it doesn't have to hurt. I don't think any burn I've gotten from a tanning bed has hurt, and I use 10 minute booths and go for only 8 minutes. Sometimes I go for 7 then a few days later I'll go for just one minute longer and I always have a burn on my chest. My chest, thighs, and back of my arms tend to burn the easiest so I put on SPF 50 for kids before I go tanning to eliminate getting a tan at all in those areas to give them a rest and sometimes mix them with the lotion since burning is NOT good.
    Avoid burning at all costs if you're going to go tanning. You can still get all the bad things from tanning, but burning is the worst and indefinitely damages your skin and cells, etc.
  9. get OUT of the stupid tanning beds! why would you want to give yourself cancer!?!? get spray tans or embrace your paleness
  10. ditto to this!!

  11. I know that what I am doing is bad for my skin but..
    I can't help it. Everyone I know does it and they all seem fine.
    Yeahh.. talk about peer pressure. And the simpleness of just laying in a tanning bed and not contorting your body putting on lotion/spray/gel.
    Today is the morning after and my stomach is now golden not pink. My chest area is still a little pinkish and so is my face but not as bad as last night.
    I think maybe I laid too much for my third time.
    Does anyone have any tips for going to tanning beds?
    Besides not going to them lol.

    Irishgal: Thanks for sparing me the lecture =]
  12. My tip to you would be to grab some SPF50+ sunscreen and put it on areas that get the most exposed. You don't necessarily stay pale in those areas but it may be better than being unprotected as you need to be with the bronzing lotions.
    I put it on my chest, thighs and back of my arms. I also put it on my hips because my hips get DARK.
  13. Never mind the cancer, this practise will give you WRINKLES sooner! Stop it already! It's a LOT harder to get rid of wrinkles than it is to spray tan.
  14. this and cancer are the best reasons not to go to a tanning bed.

    As far as the "my friends are fine" arguement, I recently saw some folks I went to high school with... all of us are pushing 35 now... they all used to go to tanning beds probably twice per week, and all of them look about 50 now! It's really bad... one of them, her skin looks like an old dried out crock skin. Just terrible! And she's still tanning, making her self look even worse! These folks are definatly not "fine". Wish I had some pictures so you, orignal poster, could understand.

    I on the other hand, have never been to tanning bed, use suncreeen and got carded for beer last week... and no one believes that I am 34, so go figure.
  15. yes, you can help it. You are paying to damage your skin and most likely get cancer.

    Just don't open your wallet. It's that simple.