Tanning Salons?

  1. I'm just curious...who all here visits a tanning salon regularly?

    I am usually a pretty avid tanner, but recently my sister-in-law, who is 27 (I am 32) was diagnosed with stage 2 melanoma, so it's really got me thinking that I need to stop. The only problem is that without it, I'm terribly pale (I mean, white as a ghost!) and I just feel like everyone looks so much better with a tan. (And I've tried the spray tans, but they look SO fake on me!)

    So what's the consensus here?
  2. Better pale than dead! I used to tan sometimes when I was younger, and ever for my wedding, but no more. Too many folks I know who are young with Melanoma!
  3. Sorry I can't help you--I've never gone to a tanning salon--but i have The WHITEST and most PALE legs known to mankind!! :shame: the rest of my body is fine, so I've always been curious about self tanners (just for my legs)...so while we're on the topic of tanning....any self-tanning recommendations??
  4. Knowing what I know about tanning, melanoma and premature aging of the skin...I will never willingly tan. I'm a firm believer in SPF and pale skin! I'm almost 43 and have hardly any wrinkles. :yahoo:
  5. I will tell you this: I too tanned like a maniac and was diagnosed with melanoma 18 years ago. Scared me to death. I am the whitest person on tPF, no joke, (Pursegirrl will say she is but no way LOL) so I use Clarins Radiance tanning for body daily. It is a very lightwt cream that is 25% tanning and 75% lotion so it is not thick and icky like some tanning creams. Try it! Plus, women my age who have kept tanning look like leather coats, which is nasty.
  6. Please don't go to a tanning bed! Save your skin and possibly your life. Besides, pale is in!

    i do know how you feel though...for years I used to think I looked so much better tan, and did go to a bed during the spring months. However when I got pregnant, I couldn't tolerate sitting in the sun anymore.... So for the last 3 years I've really tried to stay out of the sun and definately out of the tanning salons! I'll never go to a tanning salon again.
  7. At this time, there is so much evidence that tanning beds are horrible for your skin and cancer causing. There are facts and proof, just do a search online. Tanning beds are something that no one should use- ever.
  8. I used to tan but gave it up after all the reports that it's bad for you. I spent so much money on it too, and just ended up looking fake orange-y. now i'm pale, but it's much better than the possibility of melanoma.

    I also use a light bronzer to keep me somewhat coloured.
  9. Thanks for all the responses!

    Yeah, I KNOW it's terrible and that I need to stop before it's too late!
  10. Irishgal, congrats on making the change!

    Christy, I think you have taken the first step...and that is acknowleding that tanning can be very harmful. If you give up tanning, I am sure that would mean a lot to your sister. She would see that out of her bad experience, something good came from it because she was able to inspire you to stop.

    I used to think that tan equals pretty, but I finally decided to surrender to my fair skin. So many celebrities these days like Kate Winslett, Renee Zellwegger, Nicole Kidman, Hilary Duff, Anne Hathaway, Leighton Meester, Dita von Teese, and Naomi Watts to name just a few have embraced their paleness and prove that it can be gorgeous!
  11. i used to tan once in awhile to keep me from looking too white, but no more. i moved back to the town i grew up in just over a year ago and returned to my old salon. after a few visits and looking at the salon owner i was like, yea, need to stop. remember the movie, "something about mary?" the owner looks like magda. i'm not lying. it's magda II. super nice lady, but a bit too much of a poster child for not tanning. however i do recommend l'oreal's sublime tanner tanning lotion! i mix it w/ my regular moisturizer and it sort of cancels out the stinkiness of self-tanning and the results aren't too shabby!!
  12. I tan every once in a while but not regularly since I tend to stay tan for a while. My friend works at a tanning salon though and she said that spray tans are getting better. As long as you don't spray tan too much which makes you look really orange and fake.. If it comes down to it, you should try spray tanning and see how you like it.
  13. I think pale skin is beautiful (in fact ANY skin in it´s natural color) pale is like an "english rose".
    I have an olive skin made and created to be tanned, but I live in a country where sun is rare, so I look like a ghost. I put on subtle fake tan lotion (like holiday skin) and bronzing powder.
    Your health is the most precious thing.
  14. In summers past I have used the Mystic Tan about once a week and it has definitely got better in terms of color. One of the newer Mystic Tans has 3 "colors" you can choose from although they are all supposed to be the same basically, one goes on clear, one bronzed and one with a super bronze to give you a little extra color. You are supposed to end up with the same color tan but I have found the clear one gives me the best color shade for me. This summer I may just save my money and buy a self tanner and mix it with my lotion. It goes on a lot more even that way (mixing it with lotion) and it gives you more color and moisture I have found than with a self tanner by itself or even jergens or one of those other lotions with self tanner already in it. Hope this helps someone.
  15. I used to tan every 3 weeks or so on a low setting, but I found a few small moles on my back a few months ago and swore it off forever. Now I just use Jergens glow moisturizer in the morning and at night, and it gives my skin a healthy, pretty "tan." People actually comment on how nice a color I have all the time, which they never did when I was going to tanning salons! So my suggestion would be to try out their line of moisturizers and lotions, since they vary based on your skin type. I think Neutrogina also has a line that's similar, but I'm not familiar with it. Good luck!