Tanning help-self, spray, combination?


Jan 3, 2013
New Orleans, LA
I am planning a July trip to Paris for the weekend and then will be on a boat on the Riviera for a week. I am rather excited-it feels like something out of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". I want to look my best, especially for the week on the boat, and am rather fair skinned. I don't want to look brown, just not pale. My usual method is to slap on some gradual self tanner a couple of times a week and spray an instant tan if I have an event. I also have a recommendation for someone local who does a good spray tan but am not sure the timing is good. I would need to get sprayed on Wednesday, fly on Thurs., arrive Paris in Fri., weekend in Paris and then Riviera Monday-Saturday. I'm guessing that my spray tan might be fading starting about Tues.
Do any of you have experience and recommendations? If I spray tan before I leave, can I extend the tan with self-tanner for about 10 days? Keep in mind that I will be sun bathing and swimming and possibly showering regularly. Should I try to get a spray tan in Paris? Worried I might turn out George Hamilton orange. Stick with self-tanner?


Make It Work
Nov 4, 2006
Yep, stick with self tanner. My advice for big "events" holidays etc is stick with what you know.

Use your usual self tanner.... and bon voyage!