Tan/nutmeg/gazelle/cognac/whiskey Paddy: Thanks For Giving Me Precision

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  1. Hi girls !
    Just receveid my DOVE/MOUSSE paddy from NAP.:yahoo:
    I like it but my first wish for a paddy (it's my first paddy!) was a tan or similar color, an hot color infact, because I think it's the kind of color that is the most beautiful for this bag.
    So i'm wondering : will I keep it or not ?:s

    Can some of you give me precision about these paddy colors (tan, gazelle, mutmeg, and also cognac and whiskey, because I'm a little lost with all those colors that seems to me very close.
    Can you tell me by the way wich color is on this chloé photo ?

    Many thanks !
  2. Hi gaufrettebis!

    I'm pretty sure the paddington in that photo is whiskey. :yes:

    Tan is the lightest color you listed. There's a sort of orange undertone to it.... Very much like honey.

    Gazelle is pretty similar to tan but without an orange undertone... I have only seen one picture of this color (Sonja's gorgeous wallet!!! :drool:) so I can't comment much. It seems to have a sort of yellow-ish undertone. Maybe Sonja can give you more info!

    Nutmeg is a very beautiful shade of medium/light brown. It does not have a strong orange undertone like tan and whiskey. If you have a bottle of nutmeg in your kitchen that will give you a good idea of the color.

    Whiskey is a very warm orange, not bright – LG described it perfectly as “pumpkin.” It's a bit darker than that... Out of all the colors you listed, this is definitely my favorite! :heart:

    HTH :flowers:
  3. Oooooh thanks AUDREY for you very sympathic answer !
    Now thanks to you I'm more able to take a decision :smartass:.

    i'm looking for not too oranged color, so I think gazelle or nutmeg would be the bests. But I've only seen these colors on NAP.
    oh another thing : what about cognac ? :confused1:
  4. Oooooh thanks AUDREY for you very clear answer !
    Now thanks to you I'm more able to take a decision :smartass:.

    I'm looking for not too oranged color, so I think gazelle or nutmeg would be the bests. But I've only seen these colors on NAP. ...
    oh another thing : what about cognac ? :confused1:
  5. A pic of Sonja's beautiful gazelle wallet can be seen here: http://forum.purseblog.com/chloe-reference-library/all-about-paddingtons-46063.html#post846734

    If you are trying to stay away from orange, I would recommend the nutmeg. :yes: :drool:

    I'm not too familiar with cognac but I believe it has an orange-ish undertone. Maybe some of the girls here with a cognac bag can give a good description! :flowers:
  6. Thanks, just saw the post and it's become harder and harder for me too choose.

    Love the whiskey :love: finaly and the nutmeg too (but I prefer mayme the whiskey).
    The tan is definitively not so dark for me I think, and the gazelle seems to me characterless (? excuse my bad english) than the other (but very pretty too !).

    And because of you, I saw the night blue ... very cute...
    oh la la !:hysteric:
  7. IA with Audrey on everything - she described the colours just perfectly:yes:
    I also think the one in the picture you posted is whiskey - I'm sure you'd love that one!:love:
    ...The problem is Chloe makes so many desirable colours, like you I had huge troubless to choose my 1. one! :biggrin: The blue nuit is gorgeous aswell, good luck with deciding :drool:
    I'm posting here a picture of my muscade one, it's a bit darker shade than the whiskey and without the orange undertone;
    1zippy 5.jpg
  8. The original Chloe campaign ad bag you posted was tan, not whiskey. Celebs pics with Mischa Barton, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Ritchie etc are tan bags too, but they are often mis-ID'd as whiskey. :flowers:

    I just sold my tan paddy because I picked up a muscade hobo, but I'm starting to have regrets that the muscade isn't 'adventurous' enough. :confused1:
  9. +sonja+ your Muscade is stunning! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! :love:
  10. Thanks to all of you girls for your answers !

    I think i have to go Chloe's shop in Paris to see IRL these beautifull colors.
    But do you think it will be possible to find all of these colors or that some are definitivly sold out forever ? :cursing:
  11. Thanks Debsmith..!! Btw I love the bbag (twiggy..?) in your avatar :love: :P

    Gaufrettebis I'm just guessing but blue nuit is more propably sold out and whiskey is getting rare too.? I hope they'll have as many of these as possible in the store there so you could do some comparison:flowers:
  12. Ooo! Don't discount taupe :nuts:

    Here is my lovely tote:


    It's perfect for every outfit, a great neutral color, but still rich and gorgeous.
  13. IA with hmwe, taupe is sooooo grogeous colour, it goes with everything..!! :nuts: Definitely one of my favourite brownish shades from Chloe, hmwe I'm loving your tote..!! :heart:
  14. I think the one photo'd is tan also, but it looks very close to whiskey because of its warmer tones. I ended up buying the whiskey even though I'm not a big orangish color fans. I would definitely recommend checking out these colors in rl. They sometimes photograph mysteriously and the color you end up with is different from what you imagined because of the lighting when pictures were taken! Good luck!!!
  15. Sonja is right. I think you will be able to find the muscade and gazelle but whiskey would be hard... it was a S/S 06 color and most stores have sold out of their stock. However there are a few scattered around!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! :yes: Bleu Nuit (night blue) I'm sure is sold out as it's a color from 05. Unfortunately your best bet to find that color is Ebay. :sad: