tan Nomade agenda

  1. Hi! I'm fairly new to PF and this is my first post on the LV forum. I've been wanting to buy a new agenda for a while, and finally decided on LV (as opposed to Hermes which i can't afford at the moment!). I wanted a plain non-monogram agenda (although i love the shiny look of the Vernis) so it was between the black Epi, black Taiga and the tan Nomade.

    I guess the Epi and Taiga would be more hardwearing and practical, but I decided on the tan Nomade as the quality of the leather is beautiful! Btw, the Nomade also comes in black, but the tan is more interesting and shows off the leather better.

    Then I had to go to 4 (!!) LV outlets before finding one that wasn't the last piece on display. I particularly wanted a 'new' piece becos the Nomade leather scratches/marks so easily.

    The first LV SA was really rude and uninterested in selling me anything. He told me that his piece (which was a display piece) was in mint condition and he was '90% sure that the other stores would not have a better piece'. He also said that eventually it would definitely be scratched up when used, and that 'it is a matter of psychology' whether it was scratched up by myself or by someone else. He just stared ahead and didn't look at me when talking to me, and clearly thought I was too fussy for wanting a non-display piece. He also refused to call the other stores or check the stock on the computer. To be fair, it was in mint condition, and i probably would have bought it, but his tone so condescending I couldn't bear to give him the sale!

    The 2nd and 3rd SAs were really sweet and helpful, and looked up the stock for me on the computer. But all they had were display pieces that were pretty beat up. Finally got to the 4th store, and this sweet French SA found me the only piece they had, which was not on display!!! Yay!!

    So now........wondering how best to protect my tan Nomade agenda(calfskin exterior, goatskin interior). Should I spray it with a waterproofing spray like I do with my leather bags?

    Thanks for letting me vent and for any suggestions on protecting the leather! :smile:
  2. Hi Welcome to PF..

    Congrats on your agenda...would love to see the pics. I don't have this nomade line, sorry I can't give any suggestion..
  3. Hi! Welcome to tPF!:flowers: I don't have any tips, but congrats on your purchase! I've love to see pics!:heart: Sorry that the first LV SA was sooo rude! I would have been sooo mad!:rant:
  4. thank you!! :yes: i have to admit that of the million and one bags i own, only 1 of them so far has been LV. I love the Nomade, Vernis and Epi leathers though, so hopefully there will be more! Btw, the SA also mentioned that they had 2 new pieces in: the Speedy in Nomade leather. She offered to show it to me, but I declined. Didn't want temptation! It must be beautiful but impossible to maintain its pristine condition. Sigh. I'm afraid to use my waterproof spray on my agenda in case it changes the colour of the leather. Although my spray has never affected any of my other Mulberry/BV/Celine/Loewe bags. Hmmmm.........
  5. I would love to see pictures, the agenda sounds gorgeous!
  6. PS: sorry no pics yet, but I'll try to put some up soon.
  7. :welcome: Welcome to tPF, I would love to see pictures of your agenda.