Tan/Jaune?? Medium Pocket Paddy at NM SF

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  1. Hi All!

    Did a little reconnaissance at NM SF. Saw a lonely medium pocket paddy itching to get picked up. Don't know if it will still be there but there's been lots of paddy pocket love happening lately so here's someone's chance, hopefully :biggrin:

    I would've gotten it myself but I'm liking the dove/mousse a lot better in the large pocket size.

    I think the color is jaune? It was much lighter and more yellow than the whisky paddy I was carrying.

  2. :lol: You're quite the spy, Murasaki! :P
  3. I think that is the jaune. I'm so jealous of everyone who can see these IRL. My NM had one lonely whiskey paddy, the only one I've ever seen there. And my Nordies idea of high end is Coach.
  4. Muraskai, are you interested in my mousse big pocket? Did they happen to have a white pocket?
  5. whoa! chloe sightings too? Nice work, murasaki!!! BTW your phone (and you) takes real good pictures!!!
  6. how exciting!! I think that one is the "tan" --> at, least, I HOPE SO b/c I ordered the Jaune/yellow in that same size and if its that color, I am going to slit my wrists. I am after an "easter egg basket yellow color" not anything tan looking like that one.

    I can NOT wait until Monday I swear.
  7. I was thinking that one might be tan, too. Maybe it's the lighting. Can't wait to see yours Mammab!
  8. It might be the tan :lol: I spy a yellow silverado though, wonder what they call that color? (not up to speed on my silverados)
  9. I am definitely OFF the tan! Must. Have. White. Pocket.
  10. hehe, yes.. quite the spy today! The chloe bags were right next to the balenciaga bags so it was convenient to take this pic too. They had a lot of the other styles (betty?) and a lizard paddy in a display case that probably cost an arm and a leg.

    ET: I am interested in the mousse pocket paddy... but I'm torn... can I take on another bag!? Also, I did not see a white pocket paddy, unfortunately.
  11. Thanks Nawth21! Does anyone have the blanc/white? Is it a creamy color, or more yellow?
  12. Well, it certainly cost the lizard and arm and a...nevermind. No problem. If you decide you need the mousse Paddy, just let me know. :biggrin:
  13. It's lonely because I snatched it's playmate (the black one) heheheh yesterday.
  14. ^^ I'll be sure to let you know, ET :amuse:

    Ahem... you are right, it did cost an "arm and a leg" too :blink:

    I just noticed how the pocket paddy is hanging off the edge of the table. It just wants to go home with somebody! :P

    The color is hard to tell even in person because the ceiling light was shining directly on it. I don't even have a good idea of what jaune looks like because LVR's pics don't seem that accurate to me.