Talk to you next week

  1. Well, tomorrow morning DH and I are off on our yearly visit to Lake Tahoe to do some skiing at Heavenly. We haven't had a good ski season here in the northeast, so we are particularly excited about our trip this year. Can't wait to schwoosh ........:yahoo: You guys have a great week. Btw, does anyone know if there are any Hermes locations in the Lake Tahoe area? I'd definitely make time for some H shopping.:graucho:
  2. Have a great time Kat! Keep us posted when you get back. You should convince DH to make a pit stop in Vegas to hit the H-store there!
  3. Have fun!!!
  4. we'll miss you but def. have fun! come back in one piece!
  5. Have're right about the northeast not being 'skiing' heaven this year!!
  6. Have a wonderful time!!! :yahoo: The "nearest" H store would be SF or LV.
  7. Have a wonderful time Kat!!
  8. Enjoy Kat!
  9. Have a wonderful time and be safe! Heavenly is sooo pretty and picturesque! :love:
  10. Have a wonderful and safe trip Kat! We'll miss you!
  11. Have fun and monster snow...:wlae:
  12. Hope you have a fabulous trip!!!