Talk about a DOGGY bag!!

  1. There was all this talk about "Chewy Vuitton" awhile back... and I was walking around the mall, passed a store... and saw this! :rolleyes: (Yes, I endured weird looks from passersby as I lurked outside the store, furtively taking the pictures.)

    Please... come giggle with me... :roflmfao:

  2. I'm probably gonna be in the minority but since my first LV love is multicolore- I think that is cute as pie! I have huge dogs so the paw prints they put all over my clothes would then match my bag! lol
    Seriously if I couldn't afford Vuitton, I'd buy the chewy version! lol
    Thanks for the photos and giving me a giggle!
  3. I think it's pretty funny....these type of things, where there is no doubt are fine.
  4. Tee, hee!!! They're so silly!! The patina is very nice on them. ;) LOL
  5. :nuts: :wtf: :p :lol:
  6. They are kind of cute.
  7. I like 'em.
  8. [​IMG]
    i thought you were talking about this 'doggy bag' from the title.....

    i REALLY want this one!!!:heart: :p :heart:
  9. Hahaha :roflmfao:
  10. omg...everything is so cute. i would get one. :x

    and sophia...the one you posted is adorable!!
  11. OMG that is hilarious Sophia! Is that authentic Vuitton or someone's weird musing? lol
    It looks well made. lol
  12. I think they're kinda cute. I miss my doggy soo much right now. I'm in TN and hes in MN. I'm sure he misses me too.
  13. lol, cute!!
  14. lol. EEEEEEEW
  15. I think the bags are cute! My 7 year old would love one, she is an animal lover.