Taking a trip during the school year... ??

  1. My boyfriend and I may take a few days off and go away since he has time to take off before the end of the year.

    I'm in my last semester. I have only taken summer trips and 1 spring break trip.

    We are planning to take a trip on a Thursday and come back on a Saturday, nothing huge but I'd miss 2 days of class. One class depending on what days (it switches) I may or may not meet that Thursday, but there's another scheduled class. Then I have 2 Friday classes.

    I checked my syllabi and no exams are near that date except one is tentative... I may or may not miss an exam. I'd have to talk to my instructor about it ASAP if we make this plan.

    HOW do you take off time during a semester at college? I'm only talking 2 days in the week here but even if I'm sick I don't miss a FULL day of classes like that... and it will be 3-4 classes, but easy to catch up. The possibility of an exam in one of them bothers me though.

    I feel weird doing this... my 8th semester and I've never done this. Do I just explain I'm going away? Is there ever a chance an instructor would not let you make up an exam? Should I say it's a wedding??

    Thanks for any help. My last semester by the way... didn't take a summer vacation and I'm sooo itching to go.
  2. Is there a day that u dont have classes?? meaning if u dont have classes on monday, it might be best to just go on friday night, and enjoy the weekend...and come back mon morning...
  3. Just let your professors know ahead of time to get the work. Syllabuses are really useful for planning ahead what days to miss. Also! Do any classes have mandatory attendance? If not, I wouldn't worry too badly, just get the important notes from a friend. And have fun!
  4. ppl relax in their senior year and that's great and fine but i really wouldn't miss an exam to go on a trip.... the professors aren't obliged to let u take it at a different time and "i'm going on a trip and can't take the exam" is not a good reason.... your prof may be nice and work out something with you but don't be surprised if they give you a lecture about it and tell u to take a 0.

    i personally do not think taking a trip in the middle of a semester is a good idea.

    why don't you go on a friday to sunday or leave thurs night so u can skip fewer classes. OR why don't u get him to take his leave during your fall break or winter break or something that works better for ur schedule?
  5. No that's the best time for me. It wouldn't work out to take it during winter break because I get out in the middle of December, it's too cold and Xmas is right around the corner. October is good for the weather and much better timing all together.

    I don't know anyone who has taken a vacation during the semester... There is only a chance of an exam but it may even be a take-home. I'd have to see. But there's NO other exams that week-- it's really the best time and we're doing something earlier that week (I wouldn't miss class for that though) where we have to take off work so he figured he'd take the week off and we'd take a trip since his work wouldn't allow anyone at all to take time off during the summer as it was extremely busy and everyone was needed.
    And the days would have to still be Th and Fr.

    How do I explain it to my instructors? Do I really just tell them I'm taking a trip? I don't want to sound irresponsible... I am working so hard regardless of it being my last semester, but I mean it as in I honestly have no clue how to approach it as it's been this long in college, I feel uncomfortable even so. I honestly feel like it's unheard of to go away during a semester for a couple of days, but is that really true?