Take That in concert :D

  1. off to see them tomorrow, anyone else a fan, or even remember them ;)

    come on, you can admit it !! :graucho:
  2. A little embarrassed to say this but...who are they?
  3. ahh bless, no worries, I guess they were not popular in the US, but they were the biggest boy band ever over here in the UK, and then Robbie Williams left and they kinda broke up, but are back after a massive 10 years, so its kind of cheesy and very cool at the same time :biggrin:
  4. Woot! I am off to see them next month! :yahoo:
  5. Ooh, nice! Have fun, I liked Robbie Williams a lot.
  6. Oh okay, lol that's funny they're coming back after ten years! Enjoy yourself :smile:
  7. i used to like them then they no longer were a group.. enjoy the concert and let us know what happens..
  8. Loved that song--Back for Good, or something?
  9. I remember listening to them. That was a while ago. Wow, time flies by.
  10. oh how exciting! really hope you enjoy the concert. I wasnt really a fan when they were around the first time, but I wouldnt pass up the chance to see them, you never know when it wil happen again! Where are you going to see them?
  11. I don't think I know them either...

    But enjoy the concert!!!!!
  12. I don't know who they are, either :shame: But have fun! Yay for concerts :rochard:
  13. omigosh? they are still around? haha...that brings me back to grade 9.
  14. he he, brings back memories to be sure :smile:
    They are playing at Wembley Arena in London this week, I will take some piccies as I got some fab tickets right near the front :smile:
  15. omg r u guys serious they r getting back together?!!!? I love Mark Owen. I so remember them as a group when I was a teenager. U r so lucky.