Take a peek of the insanity......Yes I must be insane!!

  1. I have officially decided Im insanely crazy for Coach!:wacko: Honestely is there really an excuse for all of this?:confused1: Well, let me answer my own question! Yes, yes, yes!! I freakin' L:heart:VE C:heart:ACH!!:party: I just received my pond shoulder today from the Coach 888# and my Large Carly in Khaki and saddle from eBay......$226!!!:nuts: I think..... no, I know I have to STOP now!!:roflmfao:
    Ebay Pics 316.jpg Ebay Pics 317.jpg Ebay Pics 309.jpg Ebay Pics 312.jpg Ebay Pics 314.jpg
  2. WOAH your collection is amazing! and from the looks of it most of it is from the past 6 months!

    and congrats on the wicked eBay purchase :smile:
  3. Wow you got a Carly for $226? Wow that's way better than my deal- $330.

    i lvoe your collection. Hopefully mine will be like that someday. I'm posting up my collection tonight too!
  4. OMG! I love your collection. It's very summery. I don't think anything you have will ever go out of style.
  5. WOW!:drool: You have a gorgeous collection! LOVE that pond bag--that's going to be a HTF classic and one that you'll love using for years to come! So beautiful!

    Have you considered buying Coach stock? I'm thinking about it....maybe I could use some of the earnings towards my collection!:graucho:
  6. Dang girl! That collection is HOT! Congrats and keep up the GREAT work!
  7. :drool: Everything is gorgeous!
  8. Yowza...very nice collection! That's what my collection wants to be when it grows up!:p
  9. So pretty, everything!!! Great deal on that gorgeous Carly too. You legacy stripe wallet is TDF!!
  10. hehe crazy girl! :smile: i love everything you have a great collection wowza! you could open your own mini coach store (and then you can let me shop there like bag, borrow, steal haha)
  11. WOW! That's a great stash of Coach!
  12. Well, actually, yes, I did buy a little several weeks ago so keep buying!!! :graucho::graucho: Of course, I'm doing MY part to keep up the price. :whistle:

    I love your collection - the pond is just gorgeous and you will love it!
  13. Hehe! Now thats and idea!:idea:
  14. Beautiful bags! That's quite the collection you have going!
  15. I cant believe Im FINALLY at a point of feeling completely satisfied. Although I would love a pair of Coach sunnies......OY!