Take a look beneath my LV Christmas Tree!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Well, this was my LV "christening" year - both my mom and I picked up our first LV pieces (trevi and popincourt haut), and my brother and I picked up a 6 cc taiga wallet for my dad (now we just have to pick up a piece for my bro!).

    After finally finishing my Christmas shopping I was eager to wrap my gifts, but unfortunately I didn't have any wrapping paper....but I did have 2 copies of the holiday catalogue! Being a freshly graduated student, living on her own I decided to go with something that was cute and cheap.

    I proudly present to you my tres chic, and tres economical LV wrapped presents! (labelled as the gifts inside - haha sneak peek!):graucho:
    All Presents.JPG Mid-Wrapping.JPG The Office (British).JPG
  2. Those presents are beautifully wrapped! i'd love to see those under the tree :smile: So creative!
  3. :okay:
    The Office (British).JPG Burberry Tie.JPG Home Alone DVD.JPG
  4. wow, very creative!
  5. how fun!!!
  6. :boxing:
    Home Alone, Burberry Wallet, Shania Twain Greatest Hits.JPG Shania, Taiga  Wallet, Spice Girls Greatest Hits.JPG
  7. thanks y'all, if you hover over the pics you can see what's inside from left to right! (muah haha...)

    it was soooo much fun!!! And I kept the majority of 1 holiday catalogue in tact, so there's still a pretty mag to oogle. :tup:
  8. Wow, that's very creative ... I like it, good job!
  9. those are too cute..what great ideas..:tup:
  10. Super cute idea and good choices!!
  11. CUTE~~ Haa...
  12. I think I see my name on one of those! :p
  13. Awesome idea!
  14. That's super cute! I'm usually too lazy to wrap gifts, only my niece gets her present wrapped.
  15. I LVoe it, not only because It's screaming LV, but because I'm also pretty conscious about how I affect the environment.....thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas !!!!!!!!!