Take a look at this TODS

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  1. This bag has me stumpted!

    -The dust bag is definitely FAKE, when TODS moved to the brown bag it was after they dropped the JP and it is peeling off.
    -The embossed TODS on the front of the bag is very faint, this would never pass TODS inspection. Could be a poor angle when taking the picture.
    -The stitching around the handles is loose and coming undone, poor quality.
    -The stitch at the end of the fold on the inside of the bag is too close to the edge, it is further back on an authentic TOD'S, but this might vary slightly from bag to bag.
    -The inside lining is correct and the zipper is metal, it looks like the pull tab is embossed but can't tell for sure.
    -The hardware looks like it has the 'T' on it.

    This is a tough one, I think the fake dustbag is what is making me doubt the authenticity of this bag. I would love to see the zpper area for the Made in Italy, Genuine leather stamp or embossing.

    I would love some opinions on this one.
    Thanks ladies!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.