Tailor Recommendations in NYC?

  1. I'm usually not the type to bother taking my clothes to a tailor to get them altered since I rather get something that fits off the rack... but I recently scored a great deal on a vintage Gucci dress at the Lucky Shops annual event, and am looking to get it altered to fit my small frame (the dress was a size 6 and I'm looking to get it altered to a 0/2 petite).
    Can anyone here please give me some recommendations on tailors in NYC to go to for this (and the expected price range for this service, if possible)? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
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    I also need a tailor recommendation because I bought a suit that needs the sleeves taken up at the shoulder. Workable buttons mean the sleeves can't be shortened at the bottom. I got an estimate of $100 from my dry cleaners but I don't really trust the tailer there because he can't even handsew buttonholes.
  3. i go to midtown broadway tailors, right by port authority. he does a lot of the costume tailoring/alterations for the actors/actresses on broadway, so i went to him ...though it was something minor; i just had my sevens hemmed a few inches shorter w/original hem. i brought it to him during my lunch hour and asked that he finish it by the time i got out of work, and he did a flawless job. superrrr nice man. though it was quite expensive - $20 for the hemming. but maybe that was because i forced him to do it on such short notice and he had to drop everything else.
  4. this guy is pretty good. he can reproduce exact replicas of gowns from a magazine...and he was voted best of new york from ny mag. if you have a precious piece of clothing to do, i'd go to him and ask him for his opinion.

  5. *Bump* any other reccomendations esp in the Chelsea/meat packing dist. areas? I just moved to that area and am stessing out tryign to find a good cleaner and tailor near by!