Tahitiennes PM

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  1. Are these LE...how hard are they to find...I really want one but they are sold out online...wondering if they'll be fully stocked in the coming months...does anyone know?
  2. I don't know if they are LE or not, I have gotten mixed answers on it. However, last I checked in the US they were pretty easy to find. Hope you can get one!
  3. They are permanent and I saw them in all 3 LV's by my house..
  4. do you think they're worth it...or should I stick to purchasing an ivory speedy?
  5. it's a long term thing no rush it may be saying sold out because they have just come in so stocks are low but they will restock.
    Personally I love it I think it's an adorable bag now I only need to choose size & colour lol
  6. I definitely think PM...but am torn on pink or beige...leaning toward beige as it seems more classic and practical...?
  7. I just saw the Lavendar bigger bag today and I really liked it. It had adjustable straps like the Hampstead, and the canvas was real durable. It would have made a great beach bag. I like the purple the best.

    I also tried on the flip flops to match and the part that goes between your toes hurt real bad! They were terrible.
  8. i really love the pink one.. i was also wondering if they are going to be permanent or not. can someone confirm?
  9. It's confirmed with my sa it's only a seasonal item, not LE.
  10. my SA said its not permanent, but not LE either. so i guess like lvchanelqueen said, its seasonal. so it'll be around for at least 4 months :smile:
  11. ^^lvchanelqueen and caley are right, it is a seasonal item, my SA confirmed it today. I got to see the green one today and it is a real beauty! Pretty dark green color!
  12. I would love to see the green color!
    I bought the PM in beige, and I love it!
    It's going to be a great bag for the warmer weather, and yes it is seasonal, so it won't be around forever.
  13. I can't decide between the sand and pink too. Can the PM be hand held as well as on the shoulder?
  14. ^I just brought home the BEIGE PM Tahitian..LOVES IT!handheld or shoulder.strap is adjustable!