Tahitienne or Matisse? Pink

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  1. I still don't know which is the name. Pink Matisse or Pink Tahitienne? This is the GM.

    Every bag come with a story and this is no exception. Most embarrassing encounter and eventually scolded the bank and realised it was my fault afterall. Too long a story, will share it later!

    The 1st pic is the closest to the actual pink shade.

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  2. Sooo pretty! I love pink, congrats!
  3. Pink is pretty...;)
  4. its so cute, can you take pictures of it with the sides out????
  5. She's lovely. Congratulations!
  6. Very nice! Any modelling pics?
  7. Congratulations Chin, your new purchase is absolutely wonderful and I bet it looks stunning on you. Very pretty :heart:!!

    BTW: When I told you that you could pay your banks credit card bill with monopoly money $$, I was joking :lol:.

  8. Congrats !! It's cute !!

    Can i ask how much for the PM & GM price? Thks !!
  9. Ok, here is the story. I was trying to pre-pay for watercolour and the transaction did not go thru. I panic cause my credit limit is a 5 figure and there is no way I could have spent it all on a Matisee. I was frantically calling my bank and was put on hold for a long time. I tried calling several times and was fuming pissed that I wasn't answered. I was really worried cause I had made 2 online transactions this week and I thought I have been made a victim of online fraud. My SA was really sweet though as she said she will hold the bag for me. But honestly, I was more worried about my credit card money than watercolour.

    Finally, I got thru and I was told my bill was not paid. I was fuming cause I knew I had a cheque written for the payment for the several LV bags and some other big purchases I have bought in the last month and I told the bank operator off, and quite badly.

    Then, I got home and realised that the envelope with the cheque is still in my drawers. Apparently, I have forgotten to post it out. I was glad it was just a call and not a face to face conversation I had. It would have been really embarrassing.
  10. Congrats for the bag..and sorry for your scare!
  11. Chinchin..I'm glad everything is OK.

    BTW, CONGRATS on your new purchase! It's very cute! I'd like to try it on and see if I like it. It's a great summer bag.

    Do you have any modeling pics?

  12. There are 4 colours: Beige, pink, purple and green! They will be out on end April or 1st May.

    Pm $1600
    Gm $1850

    It is embarrassing enough when the transaction did not go thru and it was worst when I wronged someone.

    I think you'll love it- similar to your heartbreak!

    Modelling pic will come soon! The entire episode left me pretty drained and I'll take pic tomorrow.
  13. Congrats. The color look sooo pretty. She is a great addition for spring / summer.
  14. It is! It was either beige or pink!

    Sure! Tomorrow?


    Sure! Tomorrow?

    That gives me an idea- they should have an LV monoply with all the bags and LEs!
  15. Thanks!