Tag or Baume & Mercier?

  1. Which watch?

    Tag heuer aquaracer or Baume & Mercier diamant
    tag.jpg baume.jpg
  2. Tag.... :tup:
  3. really? I am so confused... :shrugs:
  4. tag looks so much better
  5. baume & mercier, hands down. but then i'm biased as they're one of my fave watch brands.
  6. tag!!!:tup:
  7. Tag. Great watch.
  8. Another vote for Tag. :yes:
  9. They are both stunning watches, but as an owner of a Tag that's what I'm voting for.
  10. does anybody have a picture of them wearing a tag?
  11. I tried that B&M on and it's absolutely gorgeous.
  12. B&M. I like the face of it better.
  13. I prefer the B&M.
  14. Depends if you want a sporty watch or a classic watch...

    The Baume & Mercier looks like a Cartier Tank!
  15. They are both beautiful watches, so you can't go wrong with either. Do you prefer the round face of the Tag or the classic tank face of the B&M?