Tag Heuer Alter Ego - anybody has it ?

  1. I've thinking about getting a Tag and I like the Alter Ego line. Does anybody have it and what do you think of it? If you have a pic of you wearing that'd be perfect!

  2. Do you have pic for us to see? Please post one.
  3. [​IMG]

    Anybody has a pic of them wearing this watch?
  4. [​IMG]
    here's mine, i really love the simple design of this watch.
    i've been wearing it for more than 3 yrs, still looks good till now, never got any prob w it.
  5. Hey Tan - thanks for posting the picture. I haven't seen this watch in person yet that's why I was wondering what it looks like. I have skinny wrists, I think my left wrist is about 6 inch in circumference. Do you wear yours loose or tight?

  6. I considered getting this watch in the past, it is very pretty, but I decided to go with my Omega Constellation. I really do love the Tag though.
  7. Tan2, what co-incidence, we are watch twin ;).

    Travelbug, I'm always tad bit lazy with pic, but Tan2's pic does justice to this watch. I have mine for almost 4 years now. Geddit. :yes:
  8. I love Tag Heuer! I really like their designs.
  9. i do have one but it's getting repaired and this is a reminder that i must go get it back! i have pretty small wrists and it looks great on me! i def recommend it.
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