tag falling?

  1. i bought the love long scarf today. i brought it home and tried it on once and the LV tag (the made in italy one) fell off. us that suppose to happen? are we suppose to remove it or keep it on? should I go and get it repaired/replaced? I don't know much this is only my second LV store item. thanks
  2. they are not attatched very securely incase you want to remove it. i think its best to remove them from silk scarves, iy makes them hang better
  3. Yeah they aren't stitched tightly so you can remove them yourself. I never do on my bandeaus but I just turn it around so you can't see the tag.
  4. ^^^Yup, that is exactly what I do!
  5. It is normal for them to come off.

  6. Yep! you're totally right it doesn't look right.

    Thanks a BUNCH ladies....:tup: