T&CO Expanding to Sunglasses, etc?!

  1. This is too good to be true!! LOL

    I read in another post on the General Discussion Board that they are doing sunglasses, etc and saw pics of their new super-cute Scarves!!

    Anyone have any more info?!:nuts: :heart:
  2. My sister works there and I asked her about it, and she said she hasn't heard anything about sunglasses. It sounds like a cute idea though!
  3. i never realized they had lockets till yesterday!
  4. I heard purses too!
  5. im really excited for this expansion! how long does everything think it will be before we get a sneak peek on the sunglasses?
  6. They sell the scarves on the USA website..and news on it coming to the UK?
  7. I just bought one of their new scarves yesterday...I can't wait until they come out with more stuff!!!
  8. Hrmm..interesting. I hope they turn out nice.
  9. Wow T&Co sunglasses and purses?? That's awesome!
  10. OH!!!!!!!!!!!! i want these!!!! :smile:


  11. they are tiffanys twillys!!! :smile: i want i want
  12. I want their scarf to put on my LV speedy!!!
  13. oh WOW....i'm about to drop dead. soooo gorgeous. im such a tiffanys freak, got to go get it..NOW!
  14. yay, only 50 bucks! i'm there!