T&B mini pochette owners, any problems w/ the logo print rubbing off?

  1. I called my boutique and they confirmed the Damier T&B mini pochette is coming out in November. The wait list is not open yet though.

    Since I want to get the T&B primarily to use inside a bag, I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the dreaded "rub off" already.

  2. what does the pochette look like?
  3. Well my mono t&b pochette is still good i guess you just have to be careful.
  4. Theres no problems with mine, just be careful with it i suppose! xx
  5. I haven't used mine yet. BTW I love your avatar! :smile:
  6. My T&B still looks new and I use it often.
  7. Mine looks good still.
  8. Mine looks great and I have had it about a month now.
  9. I've had it for a while now and use it every day.
    She's usually inside my purse, but she's hanging off my Onatah today.


    So far, it looks good.

  10. Nice pic!
  11. I use mine in my purse and it's okay. I asked the SA about it when I bought it and she said that its screened a certain way so that it shouldn't rub off.

    It's sooo cute, get one!
  12. I dont think there has been a problem with it.
  13. Thanks! :p
    I hung it up on my office door really quickly and took the picture with my Treo.
    The quality is not as good, but it's great for quick shots like this to post online.

    I need a phone with better picture quality for tPF pics! :smile:
  14. Good to know. I was actually wanting one, but hesitated because I figured it was the same silk screen process that LV always uses (and is meant to wear off).
  15. Thanks everyone. Sounds like the print is sturdier than in the past.

    I'm getting the Damier version for sure.