Sydney Australia

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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm heading over to Syndey next week and was wondering if anyone has ever been there? What are some good places that I need to see and also, hows the shopping there? any good oulets?

    Your input would be greatly apppreciated! Thanks in advance! ;)
  2. hehehehe - you should come to New Zealand too! hehe!
  3. Oh boy, would I ever love too but I can't afford it right now. I already spent a crazy amount for my flight to Australia because it was such a spontaneous trip where I just had to book last minute and at one of the busiest times of the year too :crybaby:

    Ooo and it looks like your gonna be heading over there soon too and very close to my hometown after that:yes: You'll love Canada!
  4. I currently live in Sydney till June next year.
    There are so many places go to, for shopping and foods insight, go to the forums at Vogue Australia January Issue - Scarlett Johansson / Vogue Australia

    Some places to check out for shopping:
    • Pitt st mall for Myer and DJ (they are department stores)
    • Strand Arcade at pitt st mall (you can find many australian designers boutique here)
    • Paddington at oxford st for more designers and quirky stuffs
    Touristy places:
    • The Rocks near the circular quay station. Nearby is Opera house and underneath Harbour bridge. The rocks have street market every saturday and sunday.
    • Darling harbour (lots of foods), very close to chinatown
    Thats all i can think for now, if you have any specific that you are looking for, feel free to pm me :smile:
  5. hiyas. i go to ozzie land every yr have fmaily there and lived in sydney for a yr for uni.. all the places mentined about are great..

    go to leichart as well for great food.

    there are outlet shops.. and a whole outlet centre.. but for the life of me i cant remember wha t its called... its on the way from the western suburbs to the city. just before the bridge. not the harbour bridge the other one that takes u to the city.. ( im trying to be descirptive so other sydneyers know what im talking about) ahhh itll come back to me then ill let you know..
  6. ^^
    I think you are talking about DFO - all outlets.

    mee2 - you are going to love Sydney. This is a great time of year to visit Australia.
  7. Wow! I was in Sydney last week - OK, didn't actually get off the plane, just sat on the tarmac after offloading a sick passenger....

    Anyway, I grew up in Sydney and this is what I'd recommend:

    Toronga Zoo and you can get in an enclosure with the Koalas and Kangaroos
    Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Brunch down at Bondi Beach, followed by a swim!
    Pitt Street Mall....and DFO (Direct Factory Outlets)
    Tetsuya's if you're after a fabulous, special meal...yum
    Snooze on the grass at Hyde Park
    Lunch down at the Sydney Fish Markets
    Bondi Junction and Chatswood has FABULOUS shopping

    Not sure what the situation is there after all the bush-fires, but a day-trip to the Blue Mountains is really pretty.

    Have a great trip! Australia is such a beautiful country!
  8. You gotta visit

    Darling Harbour
    Circular Quay
    Queen Victoria building
    The Rocks
    Chinatown for the yummiest YUMCHA (dimsum)
    bondi Beach
    Watsons Bay ( pass by Vaucluse where the houses are worth $$$)
  9. You have to come to Melbourne as well. :nuts:

    It's only an hours flight away. We have the best food! And real coffee!!!

    Shopping in Sydney is great, but if you're looking for designer bargains... it's not cheaper than the States! Unless you like Australian designer clothes? Like Sass & Bide! It's much better priced here! :yes:

    All the places the other girls have suggested are all great! Toronga zoo have a breadth taking view of Sydney Harbour.

    You'll love it here.
  10. Here are my tips as a local:

    Take a cruise in Sydney Harbour
    Walk over the Sydney Harbour bridge (you can pay to climb over it, otherwise walking is free.)
    Have a picnic at Sydney Botanic Gardens
    Dine in Chinatown or have yum cha
    Visit the Fish Markets (if you love seafood)
    Go to the Glebe or Paddington markets on a Saturday
    Hit the beaches! The popular ones are Bondi and Manly. (However there are beaches a gazillion times better outside of Sydney.)
  11. dont ride that cable thingy / train at blue mountain... it is a total rip off--the 3 sisters arent that great of a site anyhow
  12. Awww thanks guys for all your input! you guys are awesome! I wrote down everything u guys recommended and hopefully I get a chance to see them all. I know for a fact that I will love Sydney! I can't wait to see kangeroos and koalas :yahoo: