1. Has anyone noticed an especially good deal on swingpacks anywhere? I'm not terribly particular about the pattern; I'm taking a trip & "need" one!:graucho:
  2. The last couple times I've been to the Tannersville, PA outlet they had the Hamptons Sig Swingpack # 10250 marked down to $99.99 then another 20% off. I bought it, but returned it to feed my legacy addiction. :lol: Good luck!
  3. Oh thats awesome! :tup: I was wondering what they were going for at the outlets! I have one thats about an hour away from me-guess I'll be making a trip! I'd seen some on eBay & I just hate to pay more on eBay than the outlets, especially since I'm not totally picky about which one I want.
  4. generally, they have a good choice of swing packs at outlets.

    one word of advice? If you are using this for traveling...maybe stay away from all Suede? Just because you have to be so mindful of it...I much perfer taking my signature or leather (or nylon!) swingpacks on vacation...

    just my opinion!

    and maybe bring the wallet/accessory/whatever you generally carry with you on vacation...just so you know everything will fit! you dont' want to get home after a 2 hour roundtrip drive to realize it's too small for your needs.
  5. Thanks for the advice Deweydrop!

    The only suede bag I ever had did not have a particularly happy life with me so I was leaning more towards a signature pattern of some sort! :p And I'm planning on using a mini-skinny with the just the minimal cards etc...so I know they'll fit, but thanks for the advice! This will be my first swingpack!!
  6. I just picked up a leather one for my DD today - same price $99 with extra 20% off. Leather was in black, a lime-ish green, and camel, but they also had black, Khaki and dark blue signature ones available.
  7. Awesome! For that price, I know I'll find something that will make me happy. I know I won't carry it often, but it'll be great to have for trips, etc...:tup: