swimwear help please

J. Fisk

Aug 20, 2007
I haven't bought a bathing suit since I was twelve. I need one now though, and I feel hopeless. I wear a 32C (to my disappointment Victoria's Secret does not carry any 32C bikini tops), and I don't want anything skimpy. I would prefer something with padding and underwire. I wouldn't mind a one piece, but I worry about not feeling as if there's enough support. I also prefer a solid colored swimsuit.

I know that 34B is the sister size of 32C, but I'm on the tightest set of clasps my bra allows, meaning 34 is too big for me and slips off.

I also worry about buying a bikini top that is XXS, XS, or S because although the band part might fit, I'm afraid I won't feel supported nor covered enough--I really don't want anything too skimpy.

Where can I buy a 32C size-specific padded, underwire bikini top?