SwimSuit Season Preparation- MUST READ. Help!

  1. For me this seems like a personal question you could only ask your closest friends offline, so I'm hoping that this is the right place to ask for answers!

    How do you girls undergo preparation for swimsuit season? Do you get a brazilian bikini wax regularily? Is this something that could be done at home? [I don't feel comfortable with letting someone else do it for me :wtf: ]

    Shaving is painful, let me tell you. I tried that once and when it grew back it was a living heck! It burned like mad! Definitely not trying that one again. :push:

    So what's the best option you guys recommend? Maybe I just won't do anything down there, I could always wear a bikini top and the bottom with a built in skirt, so I won't have to worry about anyone seeing stubble! -Gasp-

    Ideas anyone? What do you do?
  2. tweezers! not for a brazilian of course, you'd be busy for a day LoL
  3. I go to a salon for a Brazilian. I'm usually pretty modest, but for some reason this doesn't bother me.

    Otherwise, try NADS. You don't have to worry about heating it, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I think Sally Hansen also makes a bikini-appropriate cream that works like Nair or Veet.
  4. I get a Brazillian wax every three weeks, year around.
    I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself! I hold a master license in Cosmetology and I can't do it any better on my own areas than you could! There are just certain areas of one's body we shouldn't see! haha That's why God made it so we can't!
  5. So if you are, for example, going to get a brazilian at the salon, whats the regulation? Do you just go in there, and erm, strip down into a diaper thong? Does a man or a woman do the procedure? Is it in another room? etc.

    Thanks for the quick feedback by the way, guys! Keep it coming!

  6. You keep your shirt on. There's a paper pair of panties that you'll have on that keeps most of your parts covered. You'll be in a private room. I've only ever had girls. You can check and make sure when you make the appointment. You can have her leave a 'landing strip' so it's less painful. It gets better the more you have. It's ok to be nervous and ask questions. Trust me, I was the first time.
  7. I am such a prude that I cannot imagine having someone wax my private part. But the stray hairs are really bothersome especially when I am wearing a swimsuit. I usually shave or pluck, but the ingrown hair just made my skin worse. So last year, I finally decided to get laser hair removal for my bikini area. My idea was, at least I strip in front of a stranger for 8 times and thats it. Although you need to put topical anasthesia because it can be painful.
  8. I just shave! I have never had a brazilian & NO I would not attempt it @ home. I can't even wax my own eyebrows. You need SOMEBODY ELSE to pull the strip off IMO. Otherwise (& yes this did happen to me while I was @ home, alone & calling DH on his cell) the hot wax gets on there you start to pull, it hurts & so you can't pull any more because it's just this natural reaction (I guess) for your body not to inflict pain on itself. Let's just say it was the one & only time I EVER tried to wax anything my self! OUCH!

    A friend of mine does (actually performs the waxing)brazilian waxing & she says "You've seen one, you seen 'em all". Go to a salon!
  9. Just do this and save yourself a lifetime of pain and suffering. I've done it. Pay as you go. It's not the end of the world. And you'll be sooooo glad you did when you realize that you look good down there when you least expect the unexpected company, IYKWIM ...

    The Girl Scout Motto really is "Be Prepared"! :p
  10. i think shaving is the only less painful way.
    i only tried shaving and home waxing kit.
    my bf helps me with the home waxing kit, if not, i don't think i could do it by myself.
    I prefer shaving or tweezers.
  11. Brazilian wax, baby! NOTHING else like it ;)
  12. if your only concerned with stubble at the bikini line you can use Nair or Veet to remove that easily, just be sure not to leave it on for more than 3 minutes or you can get a chemical burn...
  13. LOL! I pluck any dark hair (they always seem to grow the fastest, don't they?) and shave the rest.