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Swimming suit

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  1. I bought this cute polka-dot swimming suit today. I think it is SO adorable! Just wanted to share with everyone!

    Also, wanted to see what swimming suits everyone wears! So, please, vote!
  2. Forgot to post the picture! LOL...Sorry!
  3. hey, cute. I just bought this one:
  4. likeafeather - That's the cutest swimsuit ever!! The color is amazing! And I love polka dots!!
    bethany - great color!!

    I usually prefer two piece swimsuits too but this year I'm looking for a one piece that has a nice cut. Something like this or this
  5. Marc by MJ Star & Moon Bikini. I also have a black d&g tankini but I don't wear it, the bottom is too big.
  6. Likeafeather:
    That swimsuit is sooooo cute. I love it. I recently bought one and now I'm thinking about getting another b/c yours is cuter.
  7. Bethany - I love your swim suit. I am into browns this year for some reason. The color just looks so rish. I love your new swimming suit!

    Mello yello jen - wow! I never thought one-piece suits looked so fun and sexy! I like the one below better though.


    Gymagel812 - do you have pics of both suits? I'd love to see the MJ one!

    Diva Lee - Thank you! I saw it today and just fell in love! They had two color combinations - brown and white and yellow and white. As I was deciding which colors to go with, I remembered that yogurt commercial, "She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny yellow polka-dot bikini..." LOL... I decided to go with brown and white though!
  8. [​IMG]

    I have this one from Michael Kors but in a chocolate brown.
  9. i recently picked up the juicy butt logo string bikini in green and matching juicy butt logo board shorts :smile:. cant wait til it's beach season!
  10. That polka dot bikini is so cute! I always fall for pretty bikinis in bright colours - and then end up wearing my old, black, reliable favourite bikini anyway.
  11. I love swimsuits! I just took a picture of 2 I just bought- sorry the pic is blurry, my digicam died recently.

    White one piece from Aguaclara, black velvet 2 piece from Hurley, Hello Kitty bikini from Sanrio

    Likeafeather- that polka dot is lovely.
    swim.jpg 113596407_6a7bbe6141.jpg 113597512_4dd3fee3af.jpg
  12. I have a lot of bikinis but that's because I tend to like something and start collecting them. I have used maybe 3 out of 30. I'm very bad.
  13. [​IMG]
    I couldn't find the bottom to my d&g swimsuit :shame: but its just a black bikini bottom.

    Fullyloaded - LOVE that hello kitty bikini!!