swift/gulliver vs. box vs. barenia??

  1. okay, guys, this is important...my DH has been quizzing me on the stats of my "perfect" bag (:nuts: ). obviously, it's critical i get back to him and have him commit to memory ASAP, before he loses interest! ;)

    so far, i have: 32 cm kelly, rigide construction (that's the more stiff one, yes?), gold HW. for a "first" kelly, i think either black or a neutral like gold or cognac, perhaps noisette, although something in the blue family would be divine too.

    here's the next question. i always thought i wanted a box calf as my first. but after reading all of the rain threads, and poring over HG's leather reference guide (holy mother of g-d, that's an amazing piece of work, by the way), i'm wondering if maybe barenia or swift is a better choice. i'd like something smooth (little or no grain), relatively resilient, holds its shape, can handle a touch of water (i'm not going to take the poor thing out in a downpour, but i don't want to have to panic if i drip water on it), and something that would develop a patina over time. i LOVE how box looks after many years....does barenia do that? swift?

    any input from the experts would be great....can't pass up an opportunity like this! thanks so much!!
  2. Hmmm...
    No water for Barenia, at least at first until a patina has formed.
    Swift will perform better than box in the rain but I've never seen a sellier/rigide swift Kelly. Only retourne.

    I'd still stick with black box! It's THE classic Kelly. Just carry a plastic bag with you and if you're caught in the rain, slip Kelly inside and you'll be fine. If some drops land on it, it's fine. Just wipe them up quickly.
  3. All leathers develop a patina of sorts, some better than others. I find the smoother, shinier leathers develop a better patina. Should warn you, barenia does develop a patina, but the handles can get dark, read=black, over time. If you are at all nervous about wear and tear on the leather, go for swift. Barenia and box have to go through this ugly duckling stage while they develop their patina.
  4. HG, so swift will get that yummy glow-y patina like box does? and is it better in the rain?

    GT, i know what you mean...box is SO yummy! but i know my DH won't buy me a bag that he thinks will make me freak out every time i get near water. he's of the "if it costs that much, it should be indestructible" school......though i'm trying hard to show him the light ;) but i was telling him about the rain kits...maybe that would make him feel better....
  5. ^^Nothing will develop the patina like the three smooth leathers: Barenia, vache natural, and box.
  6. HG...lol, i have it all wrong! i thought swift was a smooth leather. if it is considered a textured/grained leather, am i right that it's a pretty light grain? from the pics in the leather book, that's what i recall....but i've never checked out swift IRL.
  7. Chamonix is another smooth leather, more matte than box and I think more fragile.
    Evercalf? Haven't heard about that one in a while.
    HG? Thoughts?
  8. Swift has more grain than the others. I've also stated this a few times in other threads, since Swift is a natural grained leather, expect to have variation in the size of the grain. I've seen Swift resemble Ardennes and clemence in the size of the grain only to be told by Claude it was Swift. Swift will have a FLATTER grain and an IRIDESCENCE to it that the others don't have. There are NO hard and fast rules to distinguishing these leathers through pictures alone. You really have to feel, see, and sometimes smell these leathers to tell them apart.
  9. thank you so much, HG - i'm so grateful for the help :smile:
  10. Also, if this is for DH, perhaps barenia is not going to be accessible enough? I understand it is harder to find this leather. HG??

    Since we are talking about a DH situation here, I would advise (based only on my DH, not yours;) ) that he be given the style (kelly, etc) size, shape-part 2 (retourne, etc.) and then a couple of choices for leather and color family--or several choices as you have done...some choices on leather and color family will give him a better chance at success... the better his shopping experience is the more of a positive feeling he will have for H....

    just my .02.
    Congrats to you and :heart: to your DH for asking. Mine is afraid. very afraid.
  11. If you even SEE a barenia bag, consider yourself lucky and well regarded by the staff in your store. That's another back room item. I know NYC has put on hold any SO's on barenia.

    Yes, yes, CB, you can gloat over your recent purchase.
  12. CB, i was afraid of that re: barenia. i think you make a good point about giving him a range....he's always so scared to buy unless it's *exactly* what i wanted, but as we all know, that's not really possible with H :smile:

    HG, i love that now i have a test of how 'loved' i might be by an H SA...LOL! we can't all be as lucky as CB with her new barenia evelyne ;)
  13. I am blushing!
    :shame: :shame: :shame:

    Shopping, let us know how it goes with DH!
    Mine is still :wtf: when it comes to H bags.