1. I just checked out the new Dooneys on a whim and was pleasantly surprised!

    Now, I'll always have a soft spot for Dooney in my heart, that's where my obsession began waaay back in high school. Of course I've moved on to bigger and better bags, LOL. But the picnic and bubble bags are so cute and Springy... even the madras line, although I heard it wasn't so cute in real life.

    I might just grab one (or a couple at those prices) for every day.
  2. I've never seen them I am gonna take a look.
  3. I was looking at them last night- and the bubbles are cute, the picnic bags are cute but sadly, the madras bags just have a cheap and "plastic" look to them- not what I'd expect from a bag like Dooney. Their leather bags are still one of my all time faves tho.
  4. so here are links to all 3 of those lines:

    Picnic- (i'm considering the medium domed tassel satchel in green :yes:)-

    the mini bubble is just TOO charming and that bright bright sky blue is AWSOME:

    Madras honestly, is a nicer "patchworky" theme i've seen. nice and bright for the turn of the seasons! i can see the large tote or large sac as a PERFECT beach/lake bag! can't you see your towel and suntan lotion sticking out of that bag? AND Dooney is durable as hell, i'd say it would be cute!:
  5. The Madras line is nice in pics and very cute in person!
  6. I haven't seen the madras in person yet but I like it from pics. I think it's great for summer.