Surprise trip to the outlet today!!!

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  1. Me and my sister decided to take a ride to Tinton falls outlet in NJ today and had to stop in Michael Kors!!! Came home with this tote and wristlet! Already moved in to it and I LOVE it! Saffiano leather travel tote in navy/white! Had to get the wristlet for it to use for those quick trips out the door!

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  2. Pretty!
  3. Thank you!!

  4. I love the brown straps contrast to the navy and white! So pretty.
  5. I love it! I especially love the straps! Now you're making me want to go to the outlet!
  6. Cutie Patootie!!!!
  7. The brown straps are great! A little wider than the travel totes in Macys and the drop is 10". Very comfortable. There is also a slip pocket on the back which is also missing from the other travel totes.
  8. Oh I like the 10" drop! Is it lined? Mine isn't and I wish it was!

  9. Beautiful Tote and twins on the wristlet!
    I carried my wristlet last night out for a quick bite to eat.

  10. It is! I will take a pic of the inside

  11. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397873026.204900.jpg

  12. I just did the same thing! Went out to dinner with the hubby and just took the wristlet. Fits a ton including, tissues, gum, phone, lipgloss and all my wallet stuff.
  13. Oh gosh! That's awesome! Now I definitely have to go to the outlet! Did they have other colors too?

  14. They had a ton of solid color ones. Fuchsia, navy, green, tan and a few I'm forgetting lol!
  15. What was the price? Thanks for the pics!