Surprise return to Chloe! 2 new bags! *Pics*

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  1. Hi! I've been on tPF for awhile but this is my first Chloe post! Had some good job news. Went to buy a new LV today. After looking around, didn't really want ANY of them! I'm not brand loyal, I just like what I like. Went thru all the mall boutiques and dept stores, disappointment.
    Last stop at Nordstrom and there it was! :yahoo:Exactly what I wanted, a cool, slouchy, black tote-type bag with a super long strap! Chloe, yeah! (I have a 2 paddy's black and blue and a paddy hobo in brown, so i'm already a fan!). Then checked the clearance table and there's a beautiful DARK GREEN Chloe for, get this, 60% off (approx. $700!). :yahoo: I've been trying to identify them (pls let me know if i'm wrong!) I think they are:
    the 07?? Paddington Zipped Shoulder bag in Laurier (dark green?) and the 07?? Paddington Messenger (or Capsule?) bag in Blue Nuit (looks black to me)
  2. the one on the left is the chloe padding capsule.

    congrats on the great scores you got!!!
  3. WOW they are lovely, I love the green color!!

  4. Great score!!
  5. Could anybody tell me if the hardware on the green is silver or goldtone- arghh!! am I color blind or what!!:nogood:
  6. I have the capsule in laurier as well. I love love love this bag. Congrats on your great finds!
  7. CONGRATS!!! Great finds... I love a great deal
  8. Me too! I have the capsule in Laurier, such a beautiful unique color.
    Congratulations wander, 2 GREAT bags!
  9. !!! WOW you got an amazing deal! Congrats they're pretty!!
  10. Great deal!!! You are sooo lucky!
    Love your bags, both look perfect!

    rolexgirl, both bags have gold hardware!
  11. those are stunning! congrats!!
  12. many congratulations!! great deal!! and awsom bags indeed :love: specially the green one :biggrin:
  13. Love them both, that capsule is especially stunning!!