Surprise find at Macy's today!

  1. I had to run out quickly to buy a last-minute gift this morning, so I walked past the Coach counter at my local Macys and saw a 30% off clearance section. I crouched down and what did it see but the ruby patent wristlet!!!! I was so excited - I had to wait in line behind like 3 returns but it was worth it to get this baby for around $43! I had wanted this so bad to match my new Hamptons Red Embossed leather carryall but it was sold out on and through JAX. So thanks, Aunt Janet, for coming to town and making me go to a store that I never go into! I will be checking that clearance section now whenever I go to that mall, which isnt too often since there is no Nordstrom or Coach there.
  2. Congrats on a great find!!! Now I have the urge to head to Macy's.....haha!
  3. Awesome ! Does anyone know if Macys will honor a 25 percent PCE discount on top of the 30 percent clearance ?
  4. Congrats! I have the Ruby patent wristlet and love's so pretty. It will look great with your embossed carryall!
  5. I went to macy's today and only saw a couple coach purses on sale and they were 25% off.
  6. Oh wow, great find. I actually found a ruby patent wristlet at the Vacaville outlet on Wednesday (from the return box) and after much comtemplation, I PUT IT BACK! Oh no, I wished I had kept it now. It was really pretty.
  7. By chance did you see any Bleecker wallets at the Vacaville outlet? I live close to there but don't want to drive the 20 minutes if they don't have a Bleecker clutch wallet.
  8. SO happy you got your wristlet. I am so happy with mine that my secret santa got for me, it's such an awesome wristlet!!! YAY!!!!
  9. Ooohhh congrats!!! Any pics? :graucho:
  10. congrats!!! That wristlet is so pretty
  11. OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!
  12. Good for you! I bought the ruby wristlet and miny skinny right before Christmas...not on sale, but I'm glad I did as they are so rare.
  13. No, no Bleecker wallets, mostly signature ones in red and black. I chanced upon a Lurex silver wallet, really cute too. But the leather in one corner was peeled off, they offered me a further discount on it but I think I might be able to find another one at another outlet.

    If you do go, check out the return box on the left side of the row of cashiers, there are treasures in there to be found.
  14. Congrats, great find!
  15. Thanks everyone! Im so excited to have it. I think I'll save it till my red sig/hearts ponytail scarf comes, then I can use them w/my bag and it'll feel like a brand new bag all over again! I even ordered a red hearts phone skin for my razr to match, and I got the Coach hearts lanyard, so I'll be all set!