Suprise PF Brunch in Paris!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have been away forever, it seems! I am so busy! I just wanted to drop in and tell you that Babyboo is here, safe and sound, and I just got an unexpected call from Vicky too, who is in Paris at the moment. Babyboo, her mom, Vicky and I are having Brunch together tomorrow morning. I am really excited to meet both of them!:yahoo: :yes:

    A little suprise PF meetup in Paris!:tender:
  2. YAY! Have lots of fun and update us all after!
  3. that is so cool! take photos! love paris!
  4. Woot! hehe have fun girls!
  5. I will take photos! Of course!
  6. Oooh, yes have a great time and please post pix!
  7. awe! I wish I was there! I love Paris...sniff....havent been there since September and cant wait to go back.
  8. The PFers span the globe! Have a wonderful time- it's so cool how this forum brought you together!
  9. I wanna see pics soon! Have fun you guys!
  10. OMG. how exciting. have fun and please do post pictures.
  11. how cool!!!have a wonderful time all together!!!:flowers:
  12. PF Meeting In Paris!!!! Have A Lovely Time!!!! :smile:
  13. awww, you ladies have fun:yes: Paris, wow!
  14. BabyBoo, MamaBoo, Vicky and I had a lovely brunch at Marriage Freres in Paris yesterday. The three of them are so fun, intelligent, and great conversationalists! I am so delighted to have Babyboo here full time, and hope to cultivate friendships with the tree of them...we have a great start, I should say! Great ladies! Thanks to the purse forum for bringing us together!

    Ugh! Trying to post a photo...having no luck! Does someone mind if I email it to you?
    pretty please?
  15. i am not a real expert but can sure try to post it for you.